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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Proud Mama

Such a proud mama!
Can you tell I was crying through most of her show? 
On the weekend I traveled to Kingston with my daughter, Kiersten, and my mother, Tina, to watch my daughter, Kelsey-Lynn, perform in her annual dance recital at Queen's University. She is a ballet instructor at Queen's when she isn't studying her Bachelor's of Fine Art. I watched the numbers she had put together as well as the routines she was part of. I fell in love with her beautiful pointe routine. She is such a passionate little dancer! I remembered all those years ago when she first took to the stage as a 3 year old with her group of little ballerinas and asked when she could dance solo. Now, nearly 18 years later, she is just as glorious on stage as she always has been.

It was a good reminder to always infuse life with passion. For me that is spreading the word of Eating Clean through my writings and talks. It's also channeling my energy into training in the gym.

Where does your passion lie? Can you incorporate your passion into what you do?

Try it. You might just be successful.
Kelsey pairing bodybuilding and ballet!


  1. I have a little dancer too and I cry through all her routines :) So right about living your passion :) Congrats Proud Mama!

  2. One of my favorite quotes is "Life is not counted by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away!". I love that you have such an amazing relationship with Bob and your kids! Just another reason why I love and respect you so much!

  3. Tosca,

    I love love your black dress. You look fabulous and those arms, ah those arms! -:)

  4. This is wonderful, I love seeing you and your daughter here and reading this story, how wonderful! Congrats to you Mama, you must be so proud!


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