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Monday, February 20, 2012

Eat-Clean Family

From my family to yours! Happy Family Day!
Check out more family photos here
For some of us across this great continent it is a holiday! From President's Day in the US or Family Day in Ontario or Islander Day for our lovely friends in PEI, today is a day to share with family.

I love that word - family. It has so many different meanings. When I am at home I have a blended family - my 3 daughters, my stepdaughter and my husband. We also have 2 dogs. They didn't make it into the photo op above.

At work I have my Eat-Clean family - my incredible team and all of you! That's right - you are a part of my family. Whether you have just joined us by embarking on your Eat-Clean Lifestyle or whether you've been around for years we are all in this together.

What does family mean to you?

Today I encourage you to spend time with your family in whatever context that may be. Don't forget to encourage them to Eat-Clean so you can share many more years of health together.

Looking for a little more family? Join us at The Kitchen Table - this is where my Eat-Clean family gathers for great food, great conversation, and great love!

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  1. HI Tosca, What a beautiful family. I am still working on my family becoming more healthy!! One child at a time, they are all grown in there 20s, but it is never too late.
    I am currently in the middle of my NTA certification. I am already a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness coach with a nutrition practice in Colorado. This new course has totally changed my approach to coaching and teaching others about nutrition. I am curious what changes you have made being an NTA graduate. I am recommending your books to people for guidance, yet, I feel more fat is needed than many of the recipes guide.
    Thank you Tosca! To teaching as many people about health as possible!


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