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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cleaning Up Romance

It's Valentine's Day and with that comes an onslaught of vegetables, lean protein and... wait, NOT! Valentine's Day is all about chocolate, hot cinnamon hearts, and marshmallow fluff. All the stuff that true romance is made of right? I don't think so unless you are getting naughty with the stuff a la 9 1/2 Weeks.  Oh my! 

Since when did romance become all about sugary treats? I thought romance had more to do with loving your partner and wanting to cuddle up with your honey and talk - ahem! - the night away. Truth is if you eat a whole lot of sugar your love light snuffs out and there will be no heat between the sheets. That's sugar for you.

I am making a request in favor of the health of all of my Eat-Clean readers. Let's talk the sweet foods out of romance and put the sweet talk back in. Make the sweetest part of your day all about the things you whisper into your honey's ear. Keep the kale in your furnace for love and the coconut oil on your bedside table for all things else. Sweet dreams and fiery romance to you all.

Happy Valentine's Day & Much Eat-Clean Love, 

P.S. I'm not going to stop you from enjoying dark chocolate-dipped strawberries. Mmmm....


  1. Whew! Cause those Chocholate Strawberrys really get me by! Thanks for always picking me off the floor just when I need it the most. I can always read your advice and feel more encouraged than anything else! Keep it goin' Tosca!!!

  2. Ahhh coconut oil ;-) Thank you, again, for the common sense perspective. Chocolate dipped strawberries, a bit of champagne - yes; a gorge-fest resulting in bloat (and ill health) - not so much.

  3. Tosca- I can proudly say that I made my husband pan seared (in coconut oil) chicken breast with honey balsamic glaze over quinoa and broccoli for V-day dinner...and it was fantastic!! :) Thanks for all of your helpful knowledge and motivation!


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