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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot Like Mexico

The Harem takes Mexico!

The Corradetti/Kennedy clan and entourage have returned from 8 wonderful days in the sun.  Our stay brought us to Playa Del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera and the hotel was the Paradisus La Perla. This hotel had only been open for 6 weeks when we arrived and it was amazing!

Our journey was marked with a particular stamp, as it always is when there are so many of us - "The Harem." This is because usually there is only my husband, Bob, and a whole lot of women.  This time we travelled with 3 men - Bob, Mat, who is Rachel's boyfriend, and Julian, who is Kiersten's boyfriend. This still makes us a bit of a Harem so my daughter Kelsey made us fabulous T-shirts which she printed with the saying "The Harem takes Mexico" on the front.  You can see what the shirt looks like in the photos. We got comments everywhere we went.  Oh and the number of women you ask?  There were 6 - Kelsey, Chelsea, Kiersten, Rachel, my mother Tina, and myself.

This stay was much more relaxed and less exciting perhaps than our stay in Costa Rica last year. We really let our hair down and simply relaxed on the beach. We didn't do many excursions but we did have a lot of fun. The pictures will take you through our adventures which included celebrating the New Year, eating fresh caught mahi mahi and barracuda which our menfolk caught, and lounging on the beach. More will be up on soon.

Enjoy the pics below and welcome back everybody!

Snuggles with Kelsey and Chelsea.

Fresh-caught Mahi Mahi and Barracuda by the boyfriends and Bob!

The girls, Rachel, Chelsea, Kelsey & Kiersten on New Year's Eve!

Beach time with Kelsey and Chelsea. 

Lounging with Kiersten.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pics.

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a well deserved break. Welcome back!

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  4. beautiful family Tosca! You all look fabulous!!

  5. Hi Tosca, I have been following your blog for the last several years. It is evident that your daughter Kiersten has really leaned out and gained muscle - she looks awesome! Has she been featured yet in either of the magazine or on any of the websites? What a great article that would be to see how she did it! (BTW - all your daughters are gorgeous. You must be so proud!)


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