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Friday, December 9, 2011

Give Day 9: Give Clothes

Check out my holiday message for you to get into the GIVING spirit!

Did the families in need appreciate your grocery donation yesterday? It really is a marvelous way to give back. In fact, most grocery stores have a donation bin at the exit where you can drop off cans or boxes of food every time you shop. What a great resolution to make for the new year, too!

Onto today's GIVE! I encourage you to clean out your closets. Are their pieces in there you haven't worn in months or years? Time to pack them up and donate them to your local women's shelter or Dress for Success location. The women here will be extremely happy to receive your lovely clothes. This is especially helpful if you've been sticking to your Eat-Clean Diet plan and have clothes that no longer fit. Get them out of your closet so that you don't have anything to fall back on.

Off to my closet I go. Where will your clothes be going today?


  1. I love this! Since I have lost weight I tend to donate my clothes regularly when I find that things are too big, what do I need them for and someone out there will get some nice pieces.

  2. LOVE THE VIDEO! I have been purging all summer and now have 6 HUGE bags (think the largest heavy duty garbage bags one can buy) full of clothes and shoes that I have ready to donate to the less fortunate. One particular organisation is one that specializes in helping abused women who have had the courage to leave their abusive partners and make a better life for themselves and their children. I feel good knowing that my clothes and the clothes of my children will truly help them and that they will be wearing good quality/new looking designer digs. They deserve it!

  3. This is a wonderful suggestion and one I just did. Losing 50 lbs eating clean, I have outgrown more than a few clothing items. :)

  4. This is very inspiring! Not only do women get the chance to become healthier, they also get the chance to show kindness through donating the clothes that do not fit them any longer. Healthy, smart, and kind!

    Alison Perris


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