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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Give Day 8: Give Groceries

Photo courtesy of Oxygen Magazine, Eat-Clean in Lean Times Video Series

I hope all of you enjoyed your delicious holiday beverages yesterday. Now, it's time for some delicious food and a kind gesture...

Today's GIVE asks you to do the groceries for someone who can't (and pay for it if possible). On Friday, as soon as I am home from LA, I'll be treating my daughter, Rachel. She is starting her final exams and I am treating her to lots of healthy foods to fuel her brain and save her time so she can focus on her Naturopathic Medical studies.

But that's not all. Today we also have a special treat from one wonderful fan. Miss Mandy Ackrill of the UK will be donating her Green Eat-Clean Grocery bag to a special fan.

The first person to comment below and tell us about their grocery-giving experience will win!

So who will you help with groceries today?


  1. A lot of grocery stores here in the states or at least here in KS have groceries that are already ready to go and donate to a family in need. I know holidays are busy and money is tight but there are many that have less than us and with this convenient way to donate groceries so they can have a holiday meal it makes it so much easier. Get into what the holiday spirit is really about and give this year! <3

  2. ...also this is what I am having to do this year to give ;) Wish I had more time so I could do more.

  3. I will be delivering groceries to my grandmother! I already delivered her Thanksgiving meal and she loved it!

  4. I think this is a wonderful idea and I know just the family to help!

  5. Today I dropped of non-perishables at my salon and at my son's school as they were both collecting for families in need. every bit helps!


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