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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Give Day 24: Give Healthy Food

Here I am making a healthy dessert. 
Check out more holiday baking images & the recipe here

Merry Christmas Eve!!

When it comes to holiday eating it's definitely a challenge to stay on track.

But, there are so many ways to stay focused. Here are a few of my favorites:
- remember the mantra "nothing tastes as good as fit feels"
- try just little bites of everything instead of whopping amounts
- choose to abstain altogether
- or choose to treat yourself once or twice.

Figure out what tactic works best for your personality and stick to it. One of the best bets is just to bring your clean foods with you. Bring a great big veggie tray or a healthy dessert (like my Eat-Clean Trifle) to an event this holiday season and you will not only be helping your guests stay healthy, you'll also feel comfortable with the food options.

Let me know how you are staying on track this holiday season.

As a thank you for sharing your tips, I will be giving away 1 big bag of my favorite protein powder - Sun Warrior - thanks to dear friend Dawn at Raw Elements. P.S. Check out her awesome post on Superfoods.


  1. That looks YUMMY! Mmmmmmm.... My mantra this season is to stay focused on how good I feel to be dropping the baby weight! I will indulge but really really really moderately. I will also be doing my morning workouts with extra intensity! I think it's a good idea to map out what your daily indulgence will be... will it be that glass of Bailey's or that sliver of cheesecake? Pick one or pick really small portions of them all... it's not the quantity that counts it's the the quality!

  2. Ps: Merry merry Christmas Eve to you Tosca and your lovely family! :)

  3. I find that as I am a sucker for sweets at times or carbohydrates (muffins/cookies), it's always good to make your own mini muffins with applesauce/mashed fruit/egg whites/protein powder.. etc.. and have it available in freezer/fridge so that you can enjoy guilt free sweets and carb like foods that you know are clean! I make them in mini muffin sizes so that 1 or 2 does the trick!

    Using a food/calorie tracker app works well too! I try to input my whole days worth of meals in the phone while I drink my coffee in the morning.. that way I can plan most, if not all of my meals and then I can analyze the nutrition data! Lose It! for iPhone is awesome! You can see your fat, carb, sugar, fibre, salt & protein percentages!

    Cut up veggies and always have them in a ziploc in the fridge!!! Mini tupperwares full of mashed beans/hummus/greek yogurt ... This way if you need to grab a snack to throw in your bag.. grab a mini tuppwerware full of desired dip & grab the bag of cut up veggies, throw it in your purse and be off!

  4. I love sugary carb treats like cookies, etc too much so this year I modified Jamie Eason's chocolate protein bar recipe a little and baked them in mini muffin tins. I then used sugar free greek yogurt, protein powder & a little stevia whipped together with whole strawberries to make little Santa hat toppers. Voila....yummy but healthy desert option at the dinner we are going to tonight!

  5. Merry Christmas Tosca! Thanks for being a continuous source of motivation.

    I LOVE all the appetizers that are around this time of year. I try to stay on track by eating a healthy snack before going to a function and then be really picky about eating only the things I really like. As well, I select the smallest plate available so I don't have as much room to load up the plate and ensure I have clean choices on my plate also.

    It is a busy time of year so I am also doing exercises in the morning at home to ensure I get a workout in even if I don't have time to make it to the gym.

    Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season.


  6. Merry Christmas, Tosca!

    When dinningatsmepneelse's home, I offer to bring a clean dish for everyone to share. Sweets are definitely my biggest temptation, so in addition to the dish i bring, I also prepare a healthy dessert that is low in sugar and fat and free of refined ingredients.

  7. My favorit exercise teacher challenged us to abstain from treats this December and it has been awesome. I started the Monday after thanksgiving and went until Christmas Eve. I chose two meals (parties) where I could let my hair down. I feel great and it was easy!

  8. I know I can't pass the goodie table without a holiday treat;), so I amp up my workouts. I'm running my four miles under 30 minutes right now...and speed seems to be the best for leaning out. So, my goal for Jan, get my 4 miles under 28 min. All the running keeps me at leads breaking even with the occasional treat during Dec:). And I'm always excited to go into January feeling good about my workouts!! ... Back to eating good Jan 1st!

    hope you had a blessed Christmas!! muahx



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