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Friday, December 23, 2011

Give Day 23: Give What You Can

Donate coats, shoes, eyeglasses… whatever you can.

With only 2 days before Christmas it becomes more and more apparent how lucky some of us are and how hard it is for others.

Give what you can this holiday season.

After all, giving is better than receiving.


  1. We all have something we can give from tangibles to a kind word or a friendly gesture.

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  3. I think in an era where everyone is so busy with work, family, and lets be honest, total self-absorption... the best gift we can give others; be it strangers, friends, family and loved ones is our uninterrupted TIME and attention. Keeping that in mind, it is my personal goal to bring intention 100% presence to all my interactions this holiday season as well as the new year ahead.


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