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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give Day 18: Give Beauty (and win!)

Want to look and smell beautiful this holiday season? Gloss your lips and bath your hips (and other parts) with natural ingredients from my beekeeping artisanal friends, Stella & Sheldon, at Sweet Pure Honey.

You can read more about their incredible mission here in a special guest post they did for me. I just love their honey and beauty products!

Today we'll be giving away some of their delicious products to the first 3 commenters below who tell us their favorite beauty secret.

Mine? It's simple... Eat Clean! My skin has never glowed as it does now with a clean diet.

And here is a clean Honey-Drizzled Hot and Spicy Pizza recipe care of Stella and Valerie Howes at Reader's Digest. Delicious and perfect for glowing skin and hungry tummies on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!


  1. Drinking lots of water, eating green food and breaking a good sweat every day is the best beauty secret I know!

  2. Vaseline!! You can use it for anything dry (elbows, hands, feet, anything!). I especially like to use it on my lips so they never get dry :)

  3. Drink lots of water, every on hour on the hour!

  4. Water, Sleep, Exercise and Green Raw Juice.


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