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Friday, November 4, 2011

Read the Label

I found this super interesting study the other day and felt compelled to share with my Eat-Clean readers. It discusses the conundrum that most people don't pay as much attention to food labels as they think they do.

Well, we know better over here in Eat-Clean Diet world!

Reading the label is absolutely key. What's the main rule of thumb? You want to avoid food labels with anything other than recognizable food... get the picture? Check out the video above if you don't.

I think it's time to reintroduce the 1 ingredient challenge. Go to the grocery store and get only food items with one ingredient on the label. Guess what - you'll find most of them in the produce section! And the rest will be around the perimeter of the store. I want to hear about your experience here.

P.S> More tips like this are in Just the Rules!


  1. Harder said than done on a vegan diet. While the majority of my diet is fresh, clean, whole foods, I'm a student with a part time job and gym addiction - I hardly have time to bake my "fake" meats, I'd never be able to actually make them from scratch. Tips??

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  3. Tosca, I really like your principles but I am confused about portions of carbs. I purchased Just The Rules. One of your favorite "On the Go" meals is 1 whole grain wrap spread with 2 tbsp. of nut butter and 1 banana rolled inside. Wouldn't the portion of complex carbs (wrap + banana) be too much for this meal?

  4. I see Almond milk is listed as a protien in ECD. I was reading labels and see that most almond milks only have 1 gram of protein. I typically buy Almond Breeze or Silk Almond. Just wondering why this is listed as a protein source?


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