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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Michigan, New York, Toronto, Winnipeg...

There is a lot of travel in the works for the month of November. You can check out if I'll be coming your way for an Eat-Clean seminar or visit. Remember, travel isn't an excuse to eat poorly. Carry on what you can... nuts, oatmeal (you can ask for water from a flight attendant), protein powder, and even fruit if it's dried or if you are flying domestic. Just remember to leave your water bottle empty until you have gone through security! For fitness types this it the busy season because shows are beginning after a summer off. Here are a few spots I've been hitting up and there more to come...

Last weekend I had the joy of visiting my brother and sister-in-law and their two young boys in Michigan. We had a great time attending hockey games, celebrating birthdays, running (my sister-in-law is SisterinSpeed Tammy from the Kitchen Table who runs the Boston Marathon, Ironman, and more), and relaxing. I absolutely love the little town they live in and we really don't get to see each other enough. What a blast... and thank you so much to the Van Diepen family for hosting me, Robert, and my mom, Tina.

On Tuesday, after a quick trip home from Michigan, we packed up again and jetted down to New York City for a few meetings. It was gorgeous in New York even after the blast of snow. I know that will be hitting the Toronto area soon!

Now we are back home and getting excited for oue trip to Winnipeg, MB this weekend where I will be speaking. It's going to be a whirlwind to Winnipeg and back in one day... do you have snow over there Winnipeg-ers? When it comes to one-day jaunts I am sure to get tons

More New York, LA & BC to come! See you in the airport...

Your SisterinFlight,


  1. Tosca,
    Will you even come to Montreal??? PLEASE!

  2. Hi Tosca! When will you be in BC?!?! I'm in Vancouver and would LOVE to see you speak!

  3. Check out my events schedule to find out when I'm in BC: MissHaneefa I would love to come to Montreal. At the moment I have no plans, but set me up with an event and I'll be there.

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  5. When are you coming to Michigan for a seminar?!

  6. A seminar in Michigan would be GREAT!! Please consider it! Can you tell me the name of the triathlon you did in AA a couple years ago?


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