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Monday, November 14, 2011

New York Net Fix

Here we are in New York City.  It is 8:30 in the morning and I am sitting outside of the Flatiron building in this bustling city with Bob.  The sun is shining like crazy and I can't believe it is mid November.  The other thing I can't believe is that I can sit outside here in the middle of the street basically and hit the internet.  I sometimes feel like a junkie looking for me next fix when I am on the road - where can I get my next hit of the net?  That translates to the next meal, workout, sleep and drink of water.  Yikes! What do I sound like?  But these are the things I really really need in order to function best.  Call me crazy.  Call me a fanatic but that is me.  Notice I did not say I was looking for my next hit of say doughnuts, French fries or grease.  I keep it clean while on the road because if I expect to do well in my business meetings or the rest of my daily doings I need to depend on the healthiest functioning version of myself. Here is what is not healthy about what I do  .... i have spent the last 48 hours travelling from Victoria, B.C. and then back again to NYC.  I have had minimal sleep, minimal meals (certainly not the ECD prescribed 6 per day) and minimal hydration.  This was a marathon.  It is unusual  I have to let up on myself realizing this is just a busy time and will get back in the saddle over the following days.  It's ok.  We all hit speedbumps now and then.  Or as my brother Ron likes to call it, "blowing a tire."  Yep, I have blown a few tires this weekend but maybe with a bit of fresh O2 I will once again be riding high. I love the thrill of it all and as the NYC breeze blows around me, I am pumped and super happy. See you soon. Love Tosca

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