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Monday, October 24, 2011

Nancy Never Wanted a Number

I'm always making changes over here to keep things fresh and fun for my readers. At the suggestion of one of my team members, I have decided to invite guest bloggers to submit their stories on living a Eat-Clean life. 

Today's guest blogger is Nancy Reinhardt. As a mom of 5, she is a shining example of success and I'm excited for the things she has to share with you today. 

Nancy's Story...

Depression, anxiety, pain and an overwhelming lack of energy are no longer a part of who I am. And this all started parted by wanting to lose just a bit of my "muffin top". I never set my sites on a clear number, I just knew I wanted parts to change... and on no particular schedule. Eventually all of these parts came together to create the whole that I am today... one who is 80 pounds lighter than before. 
Hi I'm Nancy Reinhardt. 

By my early twenties I began to let life take over and all things fitness came to an end. Married by my mid twenties and having my first child meant that my life was now about everyone else and not me. This pattern continued for the next 17 years and soon I developed both depression and anxiety. 

With my last and 5th child, at 38yrs old, I was topping the scales at 200lbs. My back began to give me trouble and had me in bed often with what I learned to be degenerating discs. Life with 5 children was becoming difficult to manage. I could not even bend down or walk some days due to the pain and inflammation. 

I began to eat better and by December of 2009 without a number in mind, but I lost almost 50lbs. My 40th birthday was approaching and I was ready to fight to be the woman I wanted to be and not the woman that I had allowed myself to become!   

This is when I found The Eat Clean Diet and within the first two pages of the introduction, I knew my life was about to change forever. My family and I cleaned out all things unclean from the kitchen and I got back into the gym. Never giving up, as my back was not strong enough to stand or walk for long, I just kept going! I knew that this was my only hope to get my life back.
In my quest to gain mobility, get rid of back fat, a “muffin top” and lose a pant size I lost 5 pant sizes, my depression, anxiety, pain and medications! And I gained a life.

Never underestimate what your body is capable of! And never stop wanting more - I haven't!


  1. You are very motivating Nancy, wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is amazing. You look fantastic. It's great that you not only changed your body, but the way you feel. Look at that stomach and those legs! They look rock hard! You go girl!

  3. welcome back to you! congratulations on the committment, dedication and hard work. you are a shining example for your family and all of us! thanks for sharing your story and girl you look hot!!!

  4. Fantastic transformation. It is inspirational to know that our body is capable of such an amazing transformation regardless of our age. Thank you for sharing your success.

  5. Awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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