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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot Topic Pt II

Here is the second round of hot topics from Thursday's Facebook chat. 

You can visit the first round of hot topics here. Today's topics are training with injuries and illness, food planning, and SUGAR! Feel free to add your tips too:
 Training with Injuries & Illness:
This time is all about recovery and you really need to listen to your body. It's especially important to work with your doctor and/or physical therapist to determine how much exercise you can do. Listen to their recommendations. Then focus on your food. Now is a really important time to eat for healing. Lots of broths, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, lean proteins and healthy fats. Nourish your body so it can bounce back. 

Food Planning:
Involve your family and sit down on Sundays (or whichever day works for you) to work out the menu for the week. Have each person choose a recipe they like, take them with you to the grocery store to pick out veggies and fruit they like, and/or have them do the shopping for you after you have made the plan. Then you can make enough food at each meal for leftover the next day for lunch. This means you are making 2 meals in one, which cuts down on prep time. You can also prepare all of your food one day a week and simply pop it into the freeze or fridge and have it ready when you need it. Also, remember, don't force your family to eat clean. Gradually introduce the foods into their meals so there is less resistance. And, hey, if they want to eat chips and cookies and ice cream they can get it themselves. It won't be in your grocery cart and it won't be on your supper table. 

Oh sugar! We are addicted aren't we! Listen... you really need to cut it out. Do it cold turkey or do it slowly, either way, just get rid of it! It's toxic. You can still eat fruits and you will learn to appreciate the sweetness naturally present in fruits and vegetables. As for sweeteners, I prefer to use maple syrup, sucanat (on occasion for baking), and honey, but even these should be used sparsely. Don't think I'm crazy. Just do it!

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