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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UN Disease Summit

"When we eat a nutrient dense, well prepared diet loaded with clean, whole foods minimally processed and well sourced our chances for health increase greatly.  Eating Clean is that lifestyle."

The UN recently held a summit on Non-Communicable Diseases. These are diseases which cannot be contracted from one another and include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disorders amongst other things. These diseases rank highest amongst mortality rates globally believe it or not - in 2008, of the 57 million global deaths, 36 million were due to non-communicable diseases - that's 36%!!  Check out the video below for more info...

In conclusion, the UN sees it as important to educate the public on tobacco usage, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, salt reduction, and increased awareness of physical activity and eating well. They aren't talking about complicated medical interventions. They are talking about all of the things that we talk about in an Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle. We can tackle this! And this means men, too!

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