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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Road Trip

Driving, driving, driving...
We have arrived home safely from our road trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. After nearly a week of hitting the road we can finally put our feet up in our suddenly very quiet home. Hmmmm... where have all the kids gone? I don't think I like this amount of quiet. Good thing we have the dogs here to keep us company.
Daughters Chelsea and Kelsey-Lynn on top of our trusty U-Haul!
After a little bit of exploring the city and some yummy meals, we safely tucked daughter Chelsea into her dorm room at Dalhousie University. She had no problem saying goodbye to us! She is ready to get her feet wet at university. Why do I feel a little sad that she is out of the house? I saw her shoes by the door that she left behind and I was a puddle of tears.
Daughter Chelsea's new dorm room! Her friend is joining her at school, too.
After that we didn't waste any time hitting the road to my hometown of Kingston, Ontario to drop off other daughter Kelsey-Lynn into her new home in Queen's University's infamous student ghetto. After we had everything set up my husband Robert and I hit the road back home.
Robert filling up on gas!
It was a great trip with a chunk of the family. We got lots of opportunities to sleep, study, chat about fears about school and plans for the future. We also got to explore Montreal and Halifax (two places I hadn't seen in years) while also taking in Canada's beautiful Eastern countryside. Love it!

It's a strange feeling to have your kids out of the house, but I know this is an adjustment that we have to  go through. It means I love my family & we've raised the kids right! Sigh...

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