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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Halifax Bound

Studying during the road trip!
My daughter, Chelsea, is starting her first year of university this fall and Dalhousie in Halifax, Nova Scotia is her school of choice! We decided the best way to get her there is by road and to make a small family vacation out of it to see parts of Canada we haven't been to in years.

My husband, Robert, daughters Kelsey-Lynn and Chelsea, and myself are all piled into the car with a giant U-Haul hitched to the back full of the girls stuff for school (Kelsey-Lynn will be entering her 3rd year at Queen's in Kingston) and lots of coolers full of clean food.

We've made our way to Montreal so far and hope to arrive in Halifax by Saturday when Chelsea has her move-in day. Because it's a family vacation I won't be doing any public appearances, and I won't be very close a computer so this will be my last blog update until I return home next Tuesday. Instead, I'll be tweeting from the road using my Blackberry so please join along the adventures by following me on Twitter @toscareno or by liking my Tosca Reno Facebook fanpage.

We just finished breakfast in Old Montreal and will be taking the day to explore before hitting the road for Halifax tomorrow. If you see license plate REPS1 on a white truck be sure to honk your horn... it's us!

The Eat-Clean mobile!


  1. I have several friends/colleagues that work at Dalhousie! I'm sure your daughter will LOVE it there! I was in Halifax back in March for a conference and I'll be there at the end of this month, too. Halifax is a great city! Best of luck to your daughter and enjoy your vacation!!!

  2. If you have time you should check out the Halifax Farmers Market on Sunday. Great spot full of local fresh fruits, veggies and free range/chemical free meats.
    Its not far from Dalhousie, its down on the water front at Pier 21 on Marginal Road.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here :D

  3. That part of the country is probably gorgeous this time of year!! Safe Travels!


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