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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yummy smoothies on display!
This morning I had a blast sharing my delicious fat-burning smoothies with Dina and Kevin of Breakfast Television Toronto. You can check out the full clip here. Kevin, was a little surprised at the contents of his smoothie. Oops!

Read on to get one of my yummy smoothie recipes...

The smoothies I prepared on the show are from The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook 2 and The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped, but you can also grab a yummy and unique Spring Cleaning Smoothie recipe here.

Remember, smoothies can be great meal replacements as long as there is a Clean and healthy protein powder source in there.

P.S. A little fashion note here... I had a lot of people asking what dress I wore on the show today. It's my favorite green dress by Issa (Kate Middleton likes them, too). Super simple and chic. Love it!

The back of my car after the TV segment. Oh my! What a mess!

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  1. i've been enjoying smoothies every morning post workout, especially now while its hot out :) love sun warrior, and recently fell in love with teras whey protein- organic whey protein, vanilla (or chocolate) and stevia- no sugar and tastes amazing!


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