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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rick Rocks!

I am sure there are a few Eat-Clean Diet men out there who feel they are the only ones trying this lifestyle, so I find it particularly important to share with you the success of Rick Overton.

He started out about 2 years ago and has come so far since. Not only has he leaned out, but he has also toned up to a svelte 172 pounds from an original 205 pounds using The Eat-Clean Diet for Men.

So men, if you're listening, this a wake up call for you. Eating Clean is not a thing for women only. It's a healthy and effective way to give yourself the body and the life you've always wanted.

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  1. WOW Very inspiring! What a difference and it's so nice to see male transformations for a change! I think i'll send my hubby in Afghanistan a copy of the mens book! Not that he'd be able to follow a very clean lifestyle on the food rations there given out there, but at-least it would give him a good read, and perhaps prep him on what he could do/change on his return! Thank you for sharing!


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