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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Weekender 3

Has the week really flown by that quickly already? Wow! Kind of unbelievable!

So, what's the challenge this weekend? For me it's going to be fitting in a new form of activity. I want to switch up my workout routine in order to break a workout plateau and I need to find a new way to do it. Perhaps I need to revisit my triathlon training days of last summer and hop in the pool for a lengths swim.

Here are some ways you can integrate new activities into your summer routine to take advantage of the warm weather, while also getting your exercise:

1. DON'T make excuses! Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you can neglect your weights-routine. Do like my daughter does sometimes and take your free weights outside and incorporate them into a circuit-training routine with hill running and jump rope.
2. DO enjoy the wealth of new outdoor activities you can do with both you and your kids. Tennis, running, biking, soccer, badminton, baseball, road hockey, swimming, rollerblading, etc etc etc. There is no reason not to get outside and get moving.
3. DON'T overdo it! With the heat of the summer upon us it's important to listen to your body. If it's sweltering outside move your workout to the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler. Stay extremely well-hydrated. And move your workout indoors if the heat is just too much.

Here's to getting active regardless of what the weekend brings!


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