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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chelsea Graduates

Celebrating the end of an era with my stepdaughter, Chelsea.

This week is all about my stepdaughter, Chelsea. She is marking the end of her high school years. Yesterday we joined her to celebrate her prom. We made a day of getting her hair and makeup done, taking pictures at home, giving gifts, and then joining the rest of the families at the pre-prom gathering at her school. She looked absolutely beautiful. After the kids left for their dinner dance and party, the families were invited to participate in a lovely dinner. I really enjoyed mingling with some of the other parents since we don't always have a chance to meet one another. Tomorrow we will celebrate her convocation ceremony with the official cap and gown. Chelsea is our child last to graduate high school and we are both excited and sad to know our youngest little birdy is leaving the nest.

I am so very proud of Chelsea. She has come a long way from the shy little girl I met over 10 years ago when I was her grade 1 student-teacher. She's had an especially tough year with the passing of her big brother, Braden, only 3 months ago, and yet she has taken it all in stride and still maintains the pizazz we all love about her. From rapping the latest Nikki Minaj songs without missing a beat, or belting out Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs, Chelsea is a strong and wonderful presence in our house and we'll miss her when she leaves for university in the fall. That being said, we're happy and excited she is taking this next step...

I am truly blessed as a stepmom to have such a lovely stepdaughter. She blends in perfectly with my daughters who have removed the "step" from the equation and simply call her their sister. Our family is all the better as this messy mix of Kennedys and Corradettis jumbled together, and while it's not always perfect it's certainly a loving and comfortable home.

Here's to the next adventure!

Much love,

Proud Papa, Robert, with his daughter, Chelsea.
Chelsea with my daughters, Rachel and Kelsey-Lynn, and myself.
Having a little fun at Chelsea's pre-prom celebration.
Gotta' look pretty for the cameras!


  1. Very sweet. You all make such a beautiful family.

  2. You have such a beautiful family, Tosca! Congratulations to Chelsea!!

  3. She is beautiful!!!! Congrats Chelsea!!!



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