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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vogue Family

Going Vogue for the night!

Family has been the best medicine over the past week.

We've been spending a lot of time together as a way of healing and growing closer. This weekend we had a lot of fun dancing, smiling and celebrating our girls.

On Friday night we traveled to Kingston to watch my daughter Kelsey-Lynn perform in Queen's University's Vogue Charity Fashion show. She presented 10 original dress designs and also danced in the show. It was lovely to see her on stage again glowing with excitement. It was fun entertainment for the whole family. We followed this with brunch on Saturday to celebrate Chelsea's 18th birthday where she was made princess for a day. We had some yummy eats while ringing in Chelsea's day with lottery tickets, a trip to Montreal, and lots of other privileges that come with turning 18.

It was an amazing way to come together and enjoy some smiles and laughs

We're healing together with support from one another and from you.

Thank you and enjoy the photos below...

Kelsey-Lynn receiving applause for her original dress designs shown here.
Kelsey-Lynn strutting her stuff on stage.
Princess-for-a-day Chelsea who is all smiles on her 18th birthday.


  1. I have been following your program best I can on my own..Just by reading what I can online. I have MS and live on Disability. At my most recent Neurologist appointment I got the results back on my latest MRI..My Doctor was blown away! I had lesions actually DISAPEAR!! This is almost unheard of! So much so that he wants to compare my last MRI films because he almost does not believe they are my scans..I believe that the reason why I had lesions disappear is because of my CLEAN EATING!! I don't have all that inflammation going on inside of my body! I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 7 years and this has NEVER happened and right around the time I am doing clean eating this happens! It has to be from my new diet!! I have been doing the diet the best I can just from what I have learned from the internet and from the magazine Oxygen which my husband picks up for me at a used books store..Living on a fixed income maybe you can tell me where I can pick up your book at a reduced cost? Plus which one do I get first? Which one would be most beneficial to me?

  2. Love the family pics! Thanks for letting us in on your adventures.
    Congrats to Kelsey-Lynn on her amazing show of dresses, how beautiful, she must have been on cloud 9 all night!
    Happy 18th Birthday Chelsea, I'm really diggin' the bunny ears!! LOL Is there something we should know?? hahahaha Cute!


  3. I love your blogs and books! Thanks so much for sharing. I know this is a difficult time losing a love one, been there and still coping. I have learned by reading your eat clean philosopy and taking care of myself that "my journey of joy begins today"-RP. Thanks again sharing and keep up the great work!


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