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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stripped Explained

The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped is the latest title in my series of Eat-Clean Diet books. It will be rolling into bookstores (both online and in store) starting today and throughout the month of March. Some stores will receive it sooner than others simply depending on distribution and shipment. If you "reserved your copy" last week then you will be one of the first to receive your copy. If not, you can get your copy here instead of waiting for it to come to a store near you. 

So, what is this new book all about? Is it just another Eat-Clean title? Nope!

The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped is your comprehensive plan to finally losing those last 10 pounds. Whether it's for your upcoming spring break, wedding season, or the inevitable summer bikini reveal, we are always looking to lose "just 10 more pounds". That is what I'm here to help you do. The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped is full of nutritional plans, training, tips, and even drinks focused entirely on ditching those 10 pounds before they weigh you down any further.

It's a little stricter than the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged, but not as strict as Cooler 1, meaning within 28 days you can sculpt your body the Stripped way.

So order your copy now online or keep an eye out for it to hit a bookstore near you soon!

What are you waiting for? 


  1. exciting! looking forward to getting a copy to add to my collection :)

  2. Stuck btw Stripped and recharged...trying to decide.

  3. This sounds like the perfect book for me! I need to lose that "last 10 pounds".

  4. yay! A new book! I just love your books. Very informational:)

  5. I will be checking this out for sure :)

  6. I am SOO excited!!! Got my copy of 'Stripped' on Friday and it so far it is just what I knew I fact already started!

    Great book for anyone thinking of buying, in addition to her other fab books I already have.


  7. I started with Recharged last May and have lost 15lbs! This is an incredible, life saving strategy for me. I bought Stipped from and it arrived a week ago. I started the plan on Monday. I have already noticed a difference in my weight loss. I started out at 143.2 and I am now at 140.0! I realize that some of this could be water weight, but I am happy. The reason I am doing this is because I am trying to get pregnant, and I want to be at a really healthy weight before I begin that journey.
    My question: is it ok to eat the same thing every day? it is a little difficult for me to prepare so many dishes every day. I am not a picky person who needs variety, so I am happy to eat the same thing every day.

  8. I started just over a year ago with the eat clean lifestyle, have become a sister-in-iron, and am enjoying the best self esteem of my life. I recently bought the "Stripped" diet book and when I took a long hard look at my diet recently was amazed that unknowingly sugar had crept into my diet everywhere. Now I am not talking white processed junk. I am just talking agave nectar and sucranat and I am sorry to say the occasional alcoholic beverage. I have decided to do the 28 days of stripped and am absolutely astounded that I feel like I am detoxing sugar out of my life all over again. So depressing. Anyway I am on day 4 and doing well.

    My question is: Are the allowable foods in the Stripped plan the only foods allowable? For example, pinnaple isn't on the list; is it allowed?

    Lisa, Alberta, Canada


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