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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet Our Winners!

After much deliberation and happy tears my team and I have come to a decision for the winners of the Clean Couples Valentine's Day Contest. 

Congratulations to Natalia and her boyfriend Mel! They have won a one-hour phone consultation with me. These two have truly embraced the Eat-Clean Diet® lifestyle. We have included their Clean Couple story below.

Thank you to everyone who participated, your stories were extremely touching. Continue to share and spread the word of Eating Clean with everyone!

Love always,

Tosca Reno

Natalia and Mel, our Valentine's Day Clean Couple Winners! 

Dear Tosca and Eat Cleaners,

This Valentine’s not only do I have love, but I have the gift of someone that shares the same fitness and health goals that I do. My boyfriend, Mel, enjoys all the new Eat Clean recipes I make for us. He has made it a point to support me with all my health goals. Even though he doesn’t need to lose any weight he wants us to be healthy for when we have children. We both believe in supporting and motivating one another to accomplish our dreams. My dream is to lose 10 pounds and show off some sexy muscle.  

When we met he wasn’t very health, but since we have been together he’s lost 20 pounds from Eating Clean. During the week I workout at 5:45 am before work and when I get home I have my Eat-Clean breakfast waiting for me before I rush off to work. 

Our time together is filled with the two of us educating ourselves with the latest health news and watching health lectures. Our weekends start off with a healthy breakfast; he makes me my 4 eggs whites, and makes sure there is no sugar in my coffee. He sits at the table with cinnamon for my coffee and a look of excitement for our workouts. 

I’ve never been one for weight training and now that I have lost a hundred pounds he is encouraging me to take my workouts to a different level. Weekends have become his time to be my weight lifting coach and he pushes me to lift heavier with proper form. He was an athlete in high school and I have never been athletic until now. 

I’m training for a half-marathon and when he wakes up he always asks me how my workout was, which melts my heart like a stick of dark chocolate. What a difference it makes when you have that kind of support on a daily basis…Valentine’s Day is not a one-time-a-year event. We make Valentine’s everyday through our love for each other and our health. It makes me proud to pack his lunches everyday with something yummy and healthy…I’m protecting the heart I love soo much.

Thank you Eat-Clean Diet for bring more love in our lives,

Mel and Natalia


  1. Congrats from Norway, Mel and Natalia!

  2. Tosca,
    Congrats to the winners! But your post on Friday the 11th said the winners would be chosen at random...

  3. you are one lucky couple! congratulations on your lifestyle decisions and committments not only to each other but to yourselves!


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