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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cheryl Burke Eats Clean!

I happened upon this article in People magazine that mentions that Cheryl Burke, from Dancing with the Stars, Eats Clean!

In 2008, Cheryl was dragged through the mud for gaining a few pounds. To the public, she kept a brave face, but she was deeply hurt by the comments. After pursuing some very unhealthy dieting methods to try to lose the weight, she found Eating Clean. Now, Cheryl says, "...As long as I work up a sweat and eat clean, I'm okay. I feel great about my body."

This story just goes to show you that everyone has their moments when their self-esteem is low. We have to remember to love ourselves and to share that love by supporting others instead of hurling hurtful comments at them.

I love that Cheryl took a negative experience and made it into a positive. She sounds happier and more comfortable with her body than ever before because she's taking care of herself. 

What a great story!



  1. Great post and what a great reminder that we are all human, and words do hurt.

  2. wow! Good for Cheryl for rising above it! we are all so hard on ourselves and have issues with our body image, seems no one is immune!


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