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Friday, January 28, 2011

Arnold Afternoon

Robert and I. 

On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending an event in Toronto featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the guest of honor. 

He spoke about his time in office in California, his get-down-to-business attitude, learning to give back from his late father-in-law Sargent Shriver and about his future moves including the desire to assist President Obama with environmentally related issues and a few movie offers. 

I attended with my husband, Robert, and a few of our close friends and family members. Robert and Arnold have strong ties from years in the bodybuilding industry.  Robert is Arnold's boyhood friend who was among the first people to support the then obscure muscle man.  Arnold earned his first $100 pitching Bob's protein powder.  It was thrilling to hear Arnold speak and even more exciting to hear Bob's stories alongside what Arnold had to say.

It was a great time made even more entertaining by Gene Simmons of KISS. He can still stick out his tongue.  He's a riot! 

Enjoy the photos...

Robert with his cousin Toni and his wife Joanie. 

My friend Marilyn and I with Gene Simmons of KISS. 


  1. I miss Arnold as our Governor but hope to see him back on the big screen. How very cool that your husband knows him from way back when! What great bits of info you gave about him, thank you :)

    Also, how cool to hang with Gene Simmons!

  2. I love Gene Simmons! He's so awesome!

  3. You're the glamour shot queen, Tosca! Always so pro on the photos ;)

  4. How cool that your hubby is childhood friends with Arnold! I bet there are sooooooo many stories to be told. Hahahaha

    You look beautiful as usual. How cool you got to meet Gene Simmons! That's a riot!

    I hope to get to meet you in Ohio in March!!


  5. My mom is so excited to have her picture on your blog! She's told me at least 3 times to come and have a look at it. Looks like it was a fun evening. Also, tell Robert he's got nice shoes!


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