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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 A New Year A New You

The New Year is fast approaching and there is no better time than a new year to create a new you! This year, you might be aiming to loose or gain a few pounds, tone your body, increase your health or perhaps you simply want a change of pace. Tosca Reno and The Eat-Clean Diet® Team want to help you set and achieve whatever goals you have set for 2011. 

After a few too many indulgences over Christmas and the Holiday we want to help you get back on track, and set you moving forward for your best year yet! The Eat-Clean Diet® Team and Tosca Reno want to reflect with you on the unique and special elements that make the Eat-Clean Diet® a lifestyle change for everyone. We want to prepare you for setting attainable health and wellness New Year's Resolutions and we want to see you through those resolutions! 

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Tosca Reno and the Eat-Clean Diet® Team

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  1. I will be tunning in too. It has been a little longer then christmas for me for not being as focused with clean eating and my goal as of today is to get that focus back to get my body and mind back to the place it was in the fall.

  2. Ohhh I look forward to this, sounds fun! I'm expected to give birth any day now and the extra support and inspiration will be great for getting my body re-adjusted to it's previous state and reaching my fitness/body goals.

  3. I will definitely be tuning in! I will be turning 40 in June and I have totally lost control of my weight these last six years. I quit smoking and started putting on weight and haven't stopped since. But, I am ready to make a change! I want to be thin again. I want to be healthy again! And, I am praying that with the books I just won through this very blog ... that it will help give me the tools to regain my health and a healthy weight again. :)

  4. Tosca, you are such an inspiration! I share your books and your recipes with all my clients, thank you for what you do! Lisl Windham

  5. two years ago I read the Clean Eating book. I'm so glad I did because it's the only way of eating that makes perfect sense to me. people ask if its hard or how I do it all the time, and I tell them it's so simple. i eat what my body NEEDS. I love Tosca!!


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