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Saturday, April 17, 2010

California in Pictures

I've finally had a few moments to upload some California photos. It was an excellent trip with lots of exciting opportunities & a little bit of down time. Chelsea joined us as a belated birthday gift. She had a great time, too. Here's what we were up to during our 5 day jaunt to LaLa Land...

I made sure to keep up with my training each and every day. Here I am braving the chilly temps in the pool and working on my chest in the gym. Chelsea even joined me a couple of times. I'm glad we've managed to instill some exercise smarts into this young one! Teenagers can be tricky!

On Sunday we took a stroll along Rodeo Drive. Most of the stores were closed, but I couldn't help doing some window shopping. It's probably best I stick to this type of shopping anyway. My bank account doesn't like major sprees.

Here I am at makeup artist extraordinaire, Nancy Jambazian's house, where I ran into a VERY pregnant and super-cute Kim Lyons. Nancy made me look fabulous for my day at KTLA! Thanks lady!

Ever wonder what's inside the purse of a fitness fanatic? Apparently just a big mess of gum, sunglasses, my ever-important Blackberry & a half-eaten protein bar! What a disaster! What's in your purse?

Here I am with my publicist (thanks for driving), Silvie Bordeaux, & ECD Super Success, Allison Earnst. We are on our way to shoot EXTRA! It was an awesome day on location at Total Woman Gym & Day Spa. I'll let you know as soon as I get an air date.

After a long, but fun, day with EXTRA we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Ryan Seacrest's Boa on Sunset Boulevard where I ran into ECD fan Danielle. What a gem!


  1. Tosca, always good lookin'..
    and you gals!

  2. Looks like a fun (and busy!) trip. Thanks for sharing the pics with all of us!

  3. hey tosca, i posted a question about your leg training while training for a marathon. light weight more reps or higher weight lower reps. also what will you be eating the morning of your race? thanks again!

  4. Tosca,

    Lavender is very pretty on you! I also like that vibrant kelly green on you!

  5. Tosca

    LOL! My purse content is pretty similar... blackberry, sunglasses, 2 packs of gum, my fav lipgloss, bottle of water and half a pack of almonds (i have been known to have apple cores in my purse..wrapped in a napkin at least).

    Your trip looked to be alot of fun. I'm so ready for a road trip!

  6. I'm so glad you came to visit SoCal! Wish I could have seen you. Yep, my purse looks about the same : ) You look fabulous Tosca!


  7. What a fun trip! You look amazing, as always ;)

  8. remember to always load up on proteins for your workouts! essential in building muscle!

  9. Seems like you had so much fun with your recent California trip, Tosca! And I bet that you enjoyed shedding off those extra pounds on the gym too! Well, it is so important for us to exercise and make it as a part of our daily routine. And as for me, I regularly go to my trainers at this Glendale fitness center, just inside the Glendale parks and recreation center, and have some weight loss training.


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