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Monday, March 29, 2010

Robert's Award

On Saturday evening I had the honor of attending the awards ceremony for the Pioneers of Physical Culture where my husband, Robert Kennedy, had bestowed upon him an award for his Enduring Commitment to Physical Culture. I was so proud and so excited for my husband. He was worked at this his whole life!

The event took place in Portsmouth, England. We took the train from Waterloo Station in London to Portsmouth on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely evening hosted by Diane Bennett at the Queen's Hotel. There were heaps of bodybuilding legends there. I discovered I still have much to learn about this industry. I had no idea its history had such strong roots in England. Arnold Schwarzenegger even submitted a letter of congratulations to the award recipients since he could not be in attendance. It was exciting to meet Dr. Alfred Goerstl of Graz, Austria who gave Arnold his start before meeting Robert in England years and years ago.

Robert & I had a lovely time! I don't have my camera cord here otherwise I would upload photos for you to see. I will do it as soon as possible after my arrival home on Thursday. In the meantime, I'll be keeping you posted on my experiences here in London.

Thank you for the advice on clothing. I am becoming accustomed to rain gear and scarves to keep warm. Sun, sun anyone?

Back with more soon.


  1. wow! congratulations to Robert! That is a wonderful achievement after all his years of hard work.


  2. Congratulations to Robert! He certainly deserves the award.

  3. Congratulations, Robert! You deserve this award! (:
    All the best & besos from Spain!

  4. I love it when great people are acknowledged for their hard work.

    Congrats Robert!


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