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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Overdone & Derailed

Shaky, tired, no appetite.... ugh! I have a cold. Yuck!

I definitely overdid it on the weekend with lots of driving, too much training, and not enough sleep. I think I forget I'm human and not superwoman. My body has kindly reminded me. Too bad it had to happen the day before I leave for the Arnold. I'll be spending all day resting so I can be on my game for the weekend.

My daughter has been suggesting lots of tips to try including hydrotherapy and immunity tea, but do you have any great cold remedies?


  1. a couple of drops of oil of oregano in the back of the throat and that will cure you!!

  2. Lots of lemon juice and hot water!!!! I swear by it on a daily basis.

  3. Zicam cold rememdy zinc chewables and zavors...they taste great (like mentos) and help beat colds. Feel better!

  4. I've been downing oscilloccinum, lots of pomegranate tea with lemon, and spoonfuls of honey. Oh, and using the neti pot in the morning and evening. Do this the second you feel a cold coming on and it'll kick right out of your system. Also, try to get some SLEEP.

  5. I'm with Melissa - I swear by oscilloccinum. It's not the cheapest remedy, but whenever I feel something coming on, I immediately start taking it. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I have also been battling a nasty cold the past couple of on the couch, my favourite magazines and your "oat tea" recipe has made me feel better! Also, there's nothing like a warm vegetable broth based soup with chicken!

  7. OOO (oil of oregeno) is a miracle worker - just a couple drops each day!
    Lemon water all day long
    Netti pots

    I did all of these things recently and it worked like magic!

  8. I also agree with the neti-pot + I also take Grapeseed Extract 2-3 times a's liquid gold and it doesn't disrupt the good flora in your gut.

    Hope you feel better soon and have a great time at the Arnold!

  9. This is my regime every time I get sick and believe me I don't stay sick for long!

    I Simmer up some fresh & sliced Ginger Root with some Fresh & Sliced Garlic. I simmer it for awhile as I like it strong, I also add a bit more water as time goes by so I have a full pot when I'm done. (simmering can cause it to evaporate a bit) I don't add so much water as to dilute the strength though...

    Depending how sick I feel I may just add some honey & Lemon or lime to my cup at this point and sip away...

    BUT if I am feeling like a serious case is coming I pour myself a cup of my Ginger Tea Concoction & mix it with a serving size of NeoCitran and swear I to you this combined with sleep works every time!

    I never get a flu shot anymore and although I do catch colds they never get really bad nor do they stay longer than a day or two.

    I hope you feel better for the Arnold so that you can get the most out of it!

  10. Echinacea and vitamin-C!!!

  11. I agree - oil of oregano really works. Tastes horrible though!

  12. I swear by Cold FX!!! I take it regularly and never get colds even though I work with a lot of sickies.

  13. There is a great eucalyptus mustard bath salts called Dr. Singas- health food store Whole Foods would have
    Swear by it!

  14. I recommend Miso Soup. There is something in it that seems to shorten the duration of my colds. I also believe that clementines(a couple a day) and some ginger, cardamon, fennel, and clove tea really helps. You simmer the above and add a little honey! It is yummy.

  15. I would try some Sambucol. It is yuck but, the cold goes by quickly!

  16. If it's a head cold, using a syringe mix a little baking soda with water and squirt in nostrils. Clears the head quickly.

  17. Vitamin C and echinacea. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope your better soon and good luck at the Arnold!

  18. Tosca there is only one answer to this and it is siberien ginsing. not chinese but siberien. Hyde from Australia. You wnon't need good luck after taking this. Gday

  19. Vitamin D and B, Aloe Vero, Zinc, Olive Leaf, and Emergen C powder pack. Cold Eeze if you catch it before it gets too bad. I'm over it within 2 days.

  20. Your daughter is on the right track - you should take her advice! Hydrotherapy with aromatherapy - Eucalyptus and wintergreen - sea salt and baking soda in the bath.
    Neti Pot with warm sea salt solution.
    EmergenC packets
    Vitamin D and B (I'm sure you're already taking it, but more D is good)
    A nice, strong chicken soup with loads of garlic and a little cayenne.
    And REST!
    Much love and blessings,
    Leigh Austin-Schmidt, HHP, CMT

  21. The best way to nip a cold in the bud is t o use a neti pot to rinse your sinuses. Look it up on the Internet. Despite what people think, rinsing the sinuses is neither painful nor gross.

    I have reduced the frequency and severity of my colds by using my neti pot at the first sign of a cold (that little tickle in the throat)>

    I absolutely swear by the neti pot.

  22. Hey Tosca!
    How horrible! As for cold remedies, taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in hot water (just enough to melt it) will help get rid of it faster, the oil coats the lipids that float in your system and helps flush them out (which is why you will probably need to run to the toilet within 2 hours, your body is ejecting the virus - but then that should be it!) Also, try my husbands routine of mixing about a tablespoon of salt with warm water in a teapot (well, he stole mine - now I can now longer use it for tea!) and then in the shower, lean your head back and tip it up your nose. Inhale the water (so to speak) and then let it run out naturally. Do this a couple of times today and it should really help ease congestion. Same with doing it first thing tomorrow - even if you feel horrible still - it will temporarily relieve the syymptons and allow you to breathe better. My hubby (and I now!) swear by it! Don't stress, everyone will only love you more because they see that you have challenges to overcome to!

  23. Hi!

    At my home we have an indian macigal drink which all off us make when we get sick. And it´s magical :)
    You put 1 glass of water in a pot, put 1 tablespoon of very very rare sugar in it, I use rapadura, and then you put in ginger root, like the size of your thumb. Then you put in some turmeric, i use end of knife to measure it, and a little bit af seasalt and black pepper.
    Let it simmer and then drink it as hot as you can!

    With kind regards from Iceland.

    Guðrún Helga


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