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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Weekend Full of Canadian Pride

Watching the Olympics has become just another full time job in my house. In between bouts training, traveling, cooking & driving kids around I have spent 2 weeks glued to the television cheering on the athletes as they competed in this fabulous competition.

The Olympics get me so excited (especially during Canada vs. USA hockey games)! And a little emotional, too (Joannie Rochette you are some kind of saint). Watching the closing ceremonies yesterday left me with a feeling of great Canadian pride. I could feel it seeping from every pore of every person seated in that auditorium and it was extremely inspiring. I do hope my non-Canadian fans felt Vancouver was a kind & gracious host. We were very excited to have the games and all of you on our home turf. Way to go to every person who competed, especially my fellow Canadians who really rocked it and brought home lots and lots of gold! We aren't a very boastful or prideful nation, but I can say today with all my heart that I am SO proud to be Canadian.

But now what am I to do? Are the Olympics really over?

I guess I'll have some extra time on my hands... NOT!

The Arnold Sports Festival and Expo is literally DAYS away! 3 days to be exact.

I spent all weekend eating VERY clean and Cooler 1... grilled chicken breasts, steamed veggies, very little complex carbs. Ugh! Sometimes I forget how hard it can be, but I am determined to look my best at the expo.

These Olympics have inspired me to kick it into high gear. What have they done for you?


  1. I have been the same way, sort of sad to see it over!

    I am in awe of the athletes and their dedication to fitness! They are amazing and inspiring for sure.

    I just refuse "to eat like an Olympian" as one (overly played) commercial states.. Do you suppose they really eat that stuff?

    Thanks for your inspiration Tosca...I love reading your blog and cooking your recipes!

  2. I also have been so inspired and proud of our Country. We are a quiet patriotic Country and it was so nice to see everyone glow with pride.

    I find that I am inspired to seek things outside my comfort zone. To push myself harder in a workout and to eat cleaner than ever.

    You inspire me too Tosca. I love reading your blog and I'm constantly cooking out of your books and the Eat Clean magazine!

    I can't get to the Arnold this year, but I'm going to be there next year for one reason and that is to meet you!! :)


  3. I feel a little lost now that the Olympics are over. They were a huge part of my day the last two weeks. Following the games, blogging about the athletes... Running on the treadmill while watching.

    I love your blog and books. Last night I made the Mediterranean Chickpeas from your Eat Clean Cookbook. So yummy! I've having some for lunch today too after my workout.

  4. I thought Canada was a super, fantastic host and I was impressed by the fans, the athletes, the games. How wonderful was that hockey game?!! Even us chest-thumping Americans were weepy watching that team win so graciously! Way to go eh?


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