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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What The Weekend Is For

If you're like me you're pretty happy when the weekend arrives. Although I often have appearances on the weekend, I like knowing my husband will be home and some of my children might even stop by every now and then. This weekend my husband and I were especially social. On Friday night we had dinner with my husband's cousin Tony and his wife Joni. They are a hilarious couple and we love spending time with them. On Saturday we had another dinner date with some of my friends.

Since February can be an especially BLAH time of year it's important to make lots of social plans to keep our spirits up. Today I've gone to visit my daughter Kelsey-Lynn in Kingston. We're having some lovely mother-daughter time. My other daughter who attends Queen's along with Kelsey-Lynn isn't here today. She's spending the month of February in Whistler, BC as a volunteer for the 2010 Olympic Games. She's been keeping all of us posted on her adventures thus far. She even tried skiing for the 1st time in 12 years. What a little adventurer!

Hope you're enjoying your Super Bowl Sunday! We'll be digging into some chili later on tonight while we watch the game. Check out the Eat-Clean Diet for Men for some especially clean and delicious recipes. I highly recommend the Chicken Wings or these Chili Chicken Kabobs! Yum yum yum!



  1. The chili chicken kabobs were our first meal following the eat clean diet- LOVED them!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, even on the weekend!! I've just made your Guacamole with peas, DELICIOUS!! I'm starting cooler 1 tomorrow, wish me luck, I'm vegetarian! Am I able to eat flavored meat alternatives or should I just stick to eggwhites, and plain tofu?? Thanks for everything Tosca!


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