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Friday, November 13, 2009

Post Sleep Extra Debrief !!

Now that I've slept off the red eye I wanted to give you a proper fill in on my trip to LA:

What a whirlwind the trip to LA was! Bob and I traveled to the sunny state on Tuesday with many travel hiccups unfortunately. We missed our connecting flight from NY to LA and found ourselves spending interminable hours in one airport after another. Even our cab driver missed his turn when we were looking for the hotel. Finally we got there, ordered a bucket of steamed broccoli and some grilled chicken and fell into a deep sleep once we were settled.

In the morning we needed to squeeze in some exercise so we did that and went for a quick walk over to Univeral Studios to check it out. It was already busy even that early in the morning.

By noon we arrived at the EXTRA studios ready to get to work. I had hair, makeup and wardrobe taken care of. While working out the outfit I saw Mario Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt working in the studio. They were filming for the regular EXTRA show. Mario is a hard worker! He is also training for a cover with us on Maximum Fitness just so you know.

It wasn’t long before I was escorted to the set where I met my co-hosts, Dr. Kristi Funk and Dr. Armand Dorian. Kristi is a renowned breast and cancer specialist while Armand is a top notch emergency medicine practitioner. I was in starry company! The three of us worked together filming the show to be aired next week Saturday. The show is called America’s Best Lifechangers. Don’t worry I will post accurate air time information as soon as I get it.

It is quite an honor to be invited to participate in this program that serves such an important medical purpose for North Americans.

Stay tuned!


  1. So happy that you are blogging along! I will be back!

    I started at the frumpy fat house wife stage, and have been slowly inching my way along to a fit lean and healthy me. Thanks to you!

  2. Awesome recap!! And I'm glad that you got the extra shut-eye that you needed :)

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