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Thursday, September 3, 2009

ZiPlInInG & RaPeLlInG...

Here are some pics from our day of fun on Tuesday at the Elora Gorge in Guelph.

Gearing up for the day and looking apprehensive. When was the last time you jumped off an 80 ft. cliff??

Learning to rappel.

Robert's turn!!

Just hangin' around!!

My turn to zipline across the Elora Gorge!

And finally the Superman... head first across the Gorge!!

Our motley crew of adventurers included David & Jordan, our One Axe Pursuits guides. They were amazingly informative. Thanks guys... we had an amazing time!!


  1. How fun...and scary!! Love the photos!

  2. Looks like you had a great tim...not sure I personally would ever want to have THAT kind of fun though :)

  3. I tried it for the first time this year in Costa Rica and once I got over the fear of stepping off that first platform to zipline across the top of the jungle, it was a blast! You looked much more relaxed at the end (which we all did as well).

  4. Looks like fun...flying...yippee!

  5. LOVE the superwoman freeing and bold! Looks like an awesome time and just another thing to add to my list of must do's!

  6. Your girls are all so beautiful and strong! What an inspiring family.

  7. looks like a good time! I love Elora - but I've never tried that (yet!)

  8. Very cool! I'm the biggest chicken in the world, but would LOVE to go ziplining.

    Marcy in MI

  9. How fun! I just love your face in the before photo. I look completely frozen in the pics before I did ziplining. It's definitely invigorating!

  10. wow! 10 days without a blog update. What's up with that Tosca?? We miss the goings on in your world.



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