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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Empty Nest, Training and Injured

My sister-in-law Tammy is competing in an Iron Man event! She is my inspiration for my sprint triathlon.

Grandma is hugging my Freshman, Kelsey.

Here the lovely ladies are lounging by the pool before the mad return of school. It's rare for all 4 of them to be at home at the same time.

Hello Sisters in Iron.
I have not forgotten you although several days have passed without much action on the blog. My silence has come at the hands of Busy-ness! I have just moved 3 (yes three!!) daughters out of the house so that they could get on with their lives. My car is simply a moving van and my wallet has been emptied several times over. But I can report that Kelsey and Kiersten are safely installed at Queen's University. Kelsey is in her first year of Fine Arts while her sister is in her 4th year of Religious Studies with an eye to a post grad in journalism. Rachel is ensconced in Toronto and is in her 2nd year of studies to become a Naturopathic Doctor. I am exhausted from hauling furniture up flights of stairs, making decorating decisions and hooking up equipment - did I mention I am not technically inclined?? Yeah! Well I am not!!
It's awful to have so much quiet after having had such a busy summer. I hardly know what to do with myself - NOT!!! I have decided to attempt (I said attempt) training for a sprint distance triathlon - the fastest growing sport in the nation. I have been gamely logging miles and kilometers, skipping rope and swimming laps. I need a bike for the road race part. My old Schwinn won't do (LOL). Any pointers from experienced readers? I need help with the bike thing. EVerything was going well until just moments ago when I decided I would do a few dives into the pool after swimming laps and I suddenly felt something snap in my right calf. I barely got out of the pool and the pain is ridiculous. I don't know what I have done to myself but it hurts. I am icing it and resting it now .....
Okay enough words here are some pics to round out the story.
Love you all!
Keep it tight.
Your injured Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno


  1. Hey Tosca! Sorry to hear about your calf. I felt exactly the same snap in my right calf back in April. I had just started teaching a fitness class, and stepped to the right when there was a snap with the most incredible pain that saw me drop to the floor in shock.
    I went to the doc that day and he said "stay off it"~which is the same as asking me not to breathe...
    It took 6 weeks for it to heal. Doc said it was a small tear. Not enough to warrant surgery.
    Put your feet up, ice it, and relax by the pool if you can!
    Good luck training for your Sprint Tri. I ride a Giant. If you can get a road bike, I would recommend it (think curly handles)and take a few spinning classes!

  2. Which Sprint Tri are you training for? On in Ontario??

  3. I've done some spint, olympic and half ironman distance triathlons and they can be pretty addicting! Once you do a sprint, you want to do the olympic distance and so on. Feels so great when you finish!

  4. Oh, so sorry Tosca about your calf and your empty nest...all at once.

    Here is something to consider if you would like...have you heard of Louise Hay.....she wrote a book called "You Can Heal Your Life" and it is really good. When I look up Leg Problems (lower) it says Fear of the future. Not wanting to move. Here is the healing affirmation "I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well in my future."

    Just thought it might help, it always does me. Sending healing blessings your way!


  5. Tosca -

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about the injury. Just take the required time to heal, as hard as that may be. As far as the bike thing, I have a Motobecane road bike, 21 speed, Shimano gears - and she's my baby! I got it brand new off of eBay a couple of years ago. I took her to a bike shop for assembly and a few goodies and not a problem has been had. Maybe that helps you a bit.

  6. TOSCA!!

    YEAH for the Sprint Tri!! It is such a great race and fun to do! I just finished my fourth on this past weekend. My first one was done on a mountain bike and my last 3 on a Hybrid (not as fat a tire as mountain but not as thin as a racing). I reeealllly want a racing bike and you will do so much better in the race if you do. Like the other reader said...think curly handle. haha They can range from $1000 to over $5000. Since your daughters just emptied your wallet....start saving the pennies!!

    There is a great gal on your forum who rides ALOT.....her screen name is Jancan. Stop in her journal for some great tips!! ;)

    Which race are you thinking of competing in....I imagine it will be next summer....that water gets pretty cold up in your neck of the woods otherwise!! haha

    Good luck and rest the will be fine!

  7. Sorry to hear you are injured. Always puts me in a rotten mood!

    Way to go on the tri goal! I've done a few sprint distances, but can't say I loved it. I'm so not into swimming. Biking and running are more my thing! Make sure the bike is a good fit above all to prevent further injury. Most shops will even let you test out or rent models. Best of luck!!

  8. Tosca, I just bought a Bianchi Hydrocarbon road bike this spring. Cost is approx $1300. Is very light weight and easy to handle. Key is getting it fitted properly at the bike shop. My bike shop spent about one hour fitting and adjusting the bike for me when I first got it. I love it and haven't had any problems. Good luck!

  9. Sorry to hear about your injury-you probably need some much deserved rest after all of your moving--feel better soon :-)

  10. Tosca, it is awesome! I just did one on Saturday - a mini sprint mind you, but it was exhillerating! My family and I are truly financially challenged - I did everything with used/borrowed stuff. My 'swim suit' was a bra top and bikini bottom, my bike was a $99 walmart special and my runners were toast but I wore them anyway. The spirit of the day and the people that support you on your race are phenomenal! I came in 5th in the 40 - 44 category with only 16 days to prepare. You, Tosca, are going to R-O-C-K!

  11. I congratulate, it is simply magnificent idea


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