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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool FYIs

Well, while I sit here and recover from my lovely torn gastroc I should tell you about a couple of interesting things...

I was on CTV this past week discussing The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids and immunity. Here's a link to the clip. Let me know your thoughts on setting up your kids for a lifetime of good health.

Here's a great review of the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook care of Jet Set Jen. Yummy!

I'm resting, resting, resting... which is VERY hard for me!


  1. So Sorry to hear! I hope you can enjoy some down time regroup write a new book and blog some more :-)

  2. Glad to see that you found out what it the healing begins....bless you!

    TAKE GOOD CARE! Love your book!

  3. Great interview with lots of useful tips. I wish people would rush out and buy and consume lots of produce rather than waiting in line for a flu shot. I have linked the interview on my blog.

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Take care of yourself.

  4. great interview. people need to realize they have control over what there health is like!

  5. I sure know how you feel. I tore my calf muscle a few years ago playing soccer. Just tore out of know where. I was in a boot for 3 months, crutches. IT was awful. i tell people the pain is worse then childbirth. it will take some time to heal but you will be good as new in no time!

  6. Tosca you look great! and the interview was good too:)

  7. SO glad to see the Eat Clean message getting out there!! I recently bought the Family and Kids book and have used MANY of the recipes - all of them a hit with my kids and hubbie! My son (9 yrs) and I played a game in the grocery store... how many items we could find that had one ingredient! We had a great time, and he's learning to read labels!:)

  8. Wow...just watched your clip from when you were on CTV. You were very impressive, and I hope the viewers heard your message!!!!


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