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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Your Professional Opinion?

On Friday I have a BIG photoshoot with Harlequin for the book I am doing with them (once again, NOT a romance novel).

The title has been changed from Primetime to YOUR BEST BODY NOW...

So here's where I need your help:

What do you think would look best on the cover? Standing, sitting, fitness clothes, professional, close up, far away...

What you make you pick up the book and be inspired?

Can't wait to read your responses.



  1. Going with the thought the book will be about Eating Clean and working out - I would say go with fitness clothes,as it would portray the feeling of what can be found inside. If the content is going to be different, mix it up to go with that. You have always had great fitness attire, so that should work great. As far as poses, my vote is for standing and a 3/4 view - thigh up maybe a little less. It give enough visual of your fit body as a whole vs a focus one specific area of the body. While your face is gorgeous, let the rest of the "hottiness" show also. Hope that helps - love ya - you'll be great regardless!

  2. Everything is really in the NOW, so I like the title.

    I would like to see you out in your garden with a set up of a very casual cooking space with one half of you being dressed in fitness clothes holding a weight and the other half of you being dress with very casual fun cooking outfit holding a pan/skillet.

    Everything in balance...yes!

    Very fun and casual!

    Good Luck!

  3. I think it should def include some fresh veggies/fruits. So many people don't realize the importance of eating right in a healthy lifestyle. I love the idea of you in your garden.

    You are such an inspiration. Not only do you promote healthy living, but genuinely care that others reap the benefits of what you practice.

  4. Fitness clothes for sure!

  5. Im thinking from an audience standpoint, if you're trying to appeal to a demographic of women who are ready to take their body to the next level and get in shape (whatever that is) I definitely think the photo should communicate what great shape you're in so wearting something casual or athletic. I also think when you say "now" it communicates to me something like, "I can do this amidst all the other things going on in my life...job, family, community involvment, etc." so I think the setting should relfect that in some way. Make it seem like even the everyday person who has "so much to do" can find a way to get into great shape by eating clean and moving their body to take care of their health.

  6. Fitness clothes might be somewhat intimidating to those 'new' to these concepts. I like the casual setting idea surrounded by God-made-'em-so-you-can-eat-'em foods.

  7. Why not a before and after shot. This way people can relate to you more. Most (not all but most) people see a thin built woman and assume that they have no problem staying thin, although we all know it's with hard work and dedication. But being able to see that someone was once the same size as others is more motivating in my eyes.

  8. i agree with the above post.....your before in the background and then you in fitness clothing in the foreground...long fitness pants and showing your abs and biceps on the 3/4 turn. and in your garden would rock!

    no matter what you choose, it will be fantastic and i will be recommending it to all my friends..neighbors...the people driving by... you get the picture!

    your faithful fan,
    heidi in NorCal

  9. Standing up in a great fitness outfit showing off your totally gorgeous, buff self! Work it!

  10. I think all women would want to relate to you and the idea of the book. I would wear something feminine,fitted but still classy. Like a short sleeve silk blouse showing your arms with a pencil skirt showing some leg, and a big purse or lunch bag with groceries or even a gym bag. Or a series of photos from morning to and exercise is all in a days work!
    Have fun and good luck!!

  11. nawwww not fitness clothes! we always see in fitness clothes!

    Go for a pretty dress with high heels.

    That would make a statement can eat clean, be in great shape ANS SEXY AS WELL!

    Go for it and have fun!!!!


  12. I really like the before and after shot idea.....I would definately pick that up to see what made her get so damn shaped?

    i think some cute and very short little black dress and high heels, every woman wants to feel young and sexy.

    fitness clothes are also a good idea, probably long black pants and then a top that shows off the arms and only a bit of lower abs, dont wanna be too showy like look at me look at me, cuz most people arent like that and its intimidating..

  13. Fitness clothes- why hide the value and benefit of eating clean! Standing for sure and I would suggest as close up as a full body shot would allow.

  14. Hello Tosca~

    First of all, it's so cool that your putting the question out there for all of us ponder...

    I personally like Fitness clothes... But I think less posed and more natural would be appealing and welcoming! For example, you sitting cross legged ( but with knees up ) laughing and looking like you having a good conversation with your readers!!

    Does that make sense?!?

    Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be beautiful :0)

  15. not a muscle shot... too intimidating.
    but a nice, more casual approach to looking amazing and feeling great. I like those that said an athletic look (yoga pants, fitted top) where you are happy and CONNECTED with the reader. I love a good BEFORE shot (totally agree with the person that said when I see a super fit model I think... well, yeah, she has always looked like that) but that might pull me in on the back cover.... it could be too much on the front. I see the cover as CLEAN in design to go with the whole CLEAN concept. Whew - that is a hard question. Good luck. Cannot wait to see the book. When is it due to come out?

  16. A few comments I agree with. I like the before & after pics idea however it's too much for a front cover. So, fitness clothes for sure, garden for sure on the front cover (gives the idea of fitness and natural foods = success) and that would intice the reader enough to pick up the book and look at the back cover to see your before / after photo. Would make anyone open the book and look for more!! Photo on the back should be a really awesome current pic (dress & heels) Something really classy. I like the little black cocktail dress idea. Perhaps also add a thumnail size pic on the back of you in a competition suit or one of your awesome bathing suit shots that really shows off your physique.
    Can't wait for it!

  17. Definitely like the new title better! If a book said your best BODY now then I would want the person on the cover to have the best body and then I would think, OK if I read this book I can have a body like that!!!??!! then I would buy it. SO, show some skin!! wear a bikini or sports bra you looking great on the cover (which you always do) will make people want to buy the book. Those who don't know you yet of course, all of us will buy it even without a cover! :-)

  18. I don't mean to start a riot, but how about that leopard print D&G? You looked so great!!

  19. What about the bikini idea this time around..inspire woman of all ages?

  20. I am a prime example of book cover advertising. I first picked up The Eat Clean Diet because of the beautiful cover. Two thoughts crossed my mind when I saw it. 1) I want abs like that lady! and 2) Wow, it looks like she eats REAL food too.
    With that in mind I would say that if it is a workout book then standing, with workout clothes. All of your covers have been great so far, I don't worry about that!

  21. I say garden or kitchen wearing jeans and casual fitted top that plays up your hard earned figure. Sunshine and fresh food brings stills alive. I'd skip the tight work out clothes, bra tops, bikinis etc. There's plenty of sources for those and they are not "real life" for most of the planet. The eat clean lifestyle is for everyone, not just figure models and celebrities. Best of luck - looking forward to your new books.

  22. I think a great shot of you in fitness clothes would be great, and then on the back cover a before and after shot.

  23. Hi Tosca,

    Before and after shots definately!!


  24. Fitness outfit that shows the abs and/or back muscles.

    Helps provide motivation to keep working towards the goal of a healthy lifestyle. That it can be done no matter the age.

    Great job you are doing. Look forward to the new book.

  25. My vote would be a fun fitness clothed Tosca on the front. (I love the idea of looking like your having a great time... less posed) and then have a before and after on the back. Your "after" photo could be in a dress or something. This way, they get to see all the sides of Tosca. I can't wait for the book!


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