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Thursday, August 20, 2009

100 000

We have hit 100 000 visitors today!!!

Thank you very much for being a huge part of my life and The Eat-Clean Diet.

And thank you for visiting.

I hope what you learn here inspires you to change your life.

It's never too late.

I'm always listening.


  1. Tosca - can't wait to see you on Saturday at Can Fit Pro!!! You are really living your best life now!

  2. Thats great - what look did you decide to go for in the photo shoot ?

  3. Congrats and tx for being a continued source of motivation for us all!

  4. Hi Tosca - I have a question about when you competed last year and your carb depletion. I notice that you did the carb depletion earlier in the week and I think you competed on a Saturday. How many days out should you carb deplete in order to peek at the right time? Also, do you eat carbs and drink water the day of the show?

  5. Tosca your blog is wonderful and very inspiring. It helps me keep on track and eat clean. As a result, my skin is glowing and I feel energised.
    Looking forward to your new cookbook.

  6. Congrats Tosca!!
    The blog is a great read, I check it daily. ;)

    My partner and I have been following your book for a couple of monthes now and the transformation is wonderful. At the beginning I was focusing so much on weight loss and just getting down in clothing size but since taking on your programme we were both blown away by the other gains too! The healthier glowy skin, longer hair!, strong nails, clear whites of the eyes ( in fact a yellowing covering has all but disappeared on mine since converting to healthy eating ) and a better digestive system,the list is endless. So thank you for being such a super role model and we are both looking forward to all your future publications. We have been sharing them with all our friends and family, since they keep asking what we are doing! ;)

    Sincere Thanks

  7. Tosca: You're all about "milestones" making the mark, encouraging others that it takes work, but we can live our best lives. Thanks for continuing to be a great inspiration to thousands...and counting:)


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