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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tell Me What's Up In Your Life

August has so quickly arrived in all its splendor and I want to hear what's cooking in your life.

What are your latest goals?

Are you relaxing this month or living it up?

Are you working hard?

Are you cottaging?

You motivate me every day to work hard and stay young... I want to hear what you're up to.


  1. 1.) My latest goals = allow myself to relax and rest and realize that I do not always have to be active (especially since I'm trying to put weight on).

    2.) I'm living it up (lots of traveling!!) AND relaxing :)

    3.) I'm always working hard; and with a new puppy, that adds more activity.

    4.) Not cottaging right now - I'm at home since school will be starting up at the end of the month.

  2. My goal is to lose this tummy and bit flab on my is stuck to me like glue...not good for someone who hates cardio...

    Not living it up or relaxing but going on a girls weekend which will include kayaking, so I'm definitely looking forward to that...

    Always working hard to build my business and get a better body...

    I'm at a loss cuz I don't know what "cottaging" is--help!?!

  3. My latest goal is to let go and breathe..stress plays way too much havoc on my body...

    I am still in full storm of running the daycare, but managing to get to Bikram Hot Yoga 4X a week, and walking the dog...

    I am working the beach, exploring with the kiddies, and catching up on some reading....and working my "other" home business by doing some catering...

    Not cottaging, but getting away, and going on many a date night with the hub.

    Summer is good, and by the way, you motivate me! Love your articles in the Clean Eating mag...

  4. My latest goal: to workout 5 mornings each week. So good! My secondary goal is to stick w/my Clean Eating--sometimes hard to do, but so good!

    I am working hard--no vacation this year. My hubbie is unemployed and working hard to find a job. I am the main bread winner for awhile. :)

    Don't know what "cottaging" is! That must be a Canadian thing! :)

    Thank you for your website and books. I love reading your articles in Oxygen. You are a real role model for me :)

  5. Goals:
    1) keep water intake to 60 ounces or more.

    2) create a schedule for family so I can have time for the gym.

    3) learn 3 new clean eating recipes that my kids WILL eat!

    School starts at the end of the month, I've got 2 weeks.

  6. Hey Tosca,

    I am from southern Ontario and have been following you for the last couple of years. I am a huge fan of Oxygen and have a couple of your books as well.

    Right now I am 6 weeks out from the Natural Ontario's and gearing up for Can Fit Pro! So excited to hear you will be there!


  7. What are your latest goals?

    Focus on clean eating.

    Are you relaxing this month or living it up?

    Relaxing and living it up. I am off work for six weeks.

    Are you working hard?

    I am working very hard on improving my health.

    Are you cottaging?

    Hoteling is more like what I do when I am away. I will be traveling in the very near future.

  8. 1. Stay committed to the process of change-however long that takes.
    2.August is a month of relaxing an enjoying the close of summer.
    3.I push my clients hard, which means I HAVE to push myself hard. I go to the gym to change, go hard or go home!
    4.Cottaging is a new term to me (I'm from Seattle). I wish I were, but I will be in September at the Rolling Huts in Methow valley.

    Thanks Tosca for the ongoing motivation, tips, knowledge base and support.

  9. Tosca,
    I have been working very hard at taking off some of those unwanted pounds and am keepingup with my gym time. So far 7 pounds gone! :)
    We are using the eat clean cookbook and are enjoying many of the recipes. One of my favourites- Waldorf Salad...we added cucumber from our garden!
    Thanks for everything!
    Keith and Margaret

  10. Hi TOsca!!! I'm working really hard at avoiding cases of beer haha...

    We are moving across BC next month so August for me is: visiting family, packing, organizing, working & completing my business management course correspondance. Thank goodness for clean eats that give me power and energy! I haven't made it to the actual gym in about 5 months due to the above BUT I havent gained a pound thanks to eating clean, lots of water and workout vids/hikes/dog walks as much as I can.

    Yes we've done our share of Canadian cottaging :)

  11. Goals are so hard to establish in the summer. I'm a Sept 1-May 15th goal establisher and the summer kills me. We have a fully enclosed travel trailer on a seasonal site and each weekend we "cottage" with the 2-4 and the It's so hard to stay on track. I almost long for Sept. to get back at the hard work of staying fit and lean.
    Winter goals are very easy to establish as I have a gym in my home. Eating is easier because weekends I'm home to cook and on and on. Excuses! that's all those are... lol

  12. After a 'breakup', 3 years ago, I lost 90 lbs. I've now gained 20 lbs. back and it keeps going up. I'm not happy about it but can't seem to stay motivated long enough to see results. I'm 56 yrs. young and my self esteem is low. Tomorrow is day #1 of my Eat Clean LiveIt. Wish me luck.

  13. Just returned from the cottage after spending a weekend with my motivating and inspiring friends. We even had some sun so I'd say that was successful! My goals have been to try and be mindful when I eat, try to distinguish between hunger and water signals because I find I don't drink enough water because I'm always thinking that means I'm hungry. I'm taking advantage of the farmers markets and all that fresh local produce. I'm walking a lot more around my amazing Toronto neighbourhood with my dog and bought some cool 'fit flops' so that I can be fashionable yet (apparently) also help tone my legs.
    I have a full time job but I'm also working on my side business of pet sitting so I'm busy all the time.
    After writing this, I'm realizing, I have a great life and really have so much to be grateful for.
    Tosca, thanks for continuing to inspire and motivate me to keep moving forward, whatever it is I'm doing.

  14. What are your latest goals?
    To lean down slowly a pound a week, over the 2009 remaining year to do my 3rd fitness competition. For me it is important to balance my life: work, family, gym time.

    Are you relaxing this month or living it up? I am spending more quality summer time with my 4yr little girl, camping, biking, 4yr old gilr bicep curls. Family time and active time

    Are you working hard? Yes! LOL. I have had a lot of battles the recently spring so the real work is working on me and the family from the inside out!

    Are you cottaging?
    Camping............... Hoot Hoot.

  15. Thanks Tosca for all the help!
    1 - my goal is to register for another 5 or 10K race locally.

    2 - I am in a 3 week break until I train another group at a bootcamp. by the way - they have to commit to eating clean and are all sent to your website and magazine link for help!

    3 - I am working hard at getting orgnized and ready for the rest of the year in business.

    4 - what is cottaging? not sure. but playing with my kids at the lake a few times a week. went camping several times, competed in my first traithlon all this summer - it's a great time of year!
    I send everyone I know to your website. I am eating better. more and tastier than I ever have and I have lost 20 pounds and 6 dress sizes! thank you!!!!

  16. I have decided to enter the EAT CLEAN DIET contest! I am a little nervous about the changes, but have already started eating clean so it wont be a major lifestyle overhaul.

    I will be blogging my progress, so take a quick glance at my blog and feel free to leave any tips or inspiration. I need all the support I can get!

  17. What are your latest goals? At work we are having a 10 week weight loss challenge to keep us motivated in our personal weight loss goals. We receive 2 points for every pound lost and 1 point for every worout. So while its very friendly, each of us really steps up to try and achieve our goals and reach first place. My goal by the end of this 10 week challenge is to loose 20lbs. :0)

    Are you relaxing this month or living it up? Actually, neither! LOL I'm busy at home, work, and organising myself better to eat healthy and exercise.

    Are you working hard? I could be working harder at my goals right now... But this is a PMS week! I have to listen to Ziggy Marley's new album Family Time a little more to keep my spirits happy and at rest.

    Are you cottaging? While I'm not famailar with the term, it makes me think of being in a cottage in the middle of the forest. Nothing around but a beautiful garden, the trees, and fresh air. That is what I want to do right now!

  18. If losing weight is your goal, then make this a priority that you focus on completely. This means you'll have to arrange your schedule to be sure you have time to get proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise. In site I found a very potent and effective to achieve your ideal body. They offer a simple technique but gives a tremendous effect.


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