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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Visit from Mom

Hi Clean Eaters,

Happy Tuesday to all of you. It's a little gray in my neck of the woods, but I'm still smiling because my mom has come to visit for a couple of days. I spent yesterday spick and spanning the house (hence the floor scrubbing photo from yesterday). My washing machine was on overdrive! I always want things to be special for my mom when she visits so that she is comfortable. She's also Dutch and a bit of a clean freak just like me.

I had dinner with my best girlfriends last night. We celebrated my friend Lesley's birthday. You might recognize her name from the original Eat-Clean Diet cookbook... she is the creator of Lesley's Chicken Stacks. There were 14 of us dining at one of our favorite spots, Pasqualino Restaurant. We don't go out very often, but when we do it's very fun and I remember how much I like spending time with the ladies. Sigh!

However, I did miss out on the Beyonce concert my daughters attended last night. They were raving about it all morning before heading off to their respective jobs. Oh well, I'll catch her next time hopefully.

So I'm off to make a big salad for my mom and me before I get started on some writing for the rest of the afternoon. Just saying hello...



  1. Hello to you too!
    Enjoy having mom around.

  2. Aww, lovely!! Enjoy your time with Mom :-)

  3. Mom's are the greatest aren't they? Enjoy your time with one another. Oh, I bet beyonce can put on one heck of a show :D

  4. Hi Tosca ! Just wanted to say that I tried your vegeterian chili yesterday night and it was a delight, I didn't even miss the meat ! I thought that adding dark chocolate to it was very original. Keep up the good work ! Bonne soirée !


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