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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Did You Know??

Check out this fun video below. It's educational, too. I had no idea George Bush had read so many books. What's great about this story is that people are reading. It's so hard to find time to do it, but it's so important to keep our minds active especially as we age. And it's a cheap form of entertainment, which is very important in today's economic climate. I like the anecdote about reading while waiting for people... you'll hear it in the video below...

Reading Habits of Influential People... Obama, Oprah, etc.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very funny and GREAT endorsement for your book! BINGO!

  2. the fact that you are mentioned in the same segment as Obama must have you feeling pretty good!! well done (wonder if Barack will read your book now!!)

  3. OMG! I loved it when the guy picked up your book and started reading it. How funny!


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