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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Longest Day EVER

For those of you who were following me on Twitter yesterday you know I had a VERY LONG day!

We were wrapping up the last bit of shooting for the Tosca Series that will be airing on the Viva Network in Canada. We have a tentative air date of June 9th. It might change (hopefully not) but you know I will keep you posted.

So I was up at 5am to get ready for the day and we didn't end until 11pm. WOW! I thought it would never ever end. We definitely got a lot done, though. We filmed training segments and on and on.

Today I am hoping to enjoy the weather a little bit. I'd like to take the pups for a walk. I also need to get my affairs in order for a trip to the west coast I'll be making at the end of the month. I'll be filming with Extra again!! Woohoo!! I can't wait.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to my forum members today. Lots of great questions and conversations going on these days. If you have any questions I recommend checking out the forum. These ladies and gents are true Sisters (and Brothers) in Iron and extraordinary Clean Eaters. Check it out!

Okay everyone... on with day. I think I'm going to make a delicious lunch. It's leg day today and I've got to keep myself fueled for a BIG workout!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Tosca~
    Sounds exhusting! But fun!
    I'm fueling up today as my leg day is tomorrow...Woo Hoo!! Calves here I come :) Enjoy the Day!

  2. Ahh hope you can definitely rest up after all that!!

    And hooray!! Today is Leg Day for me too :-)

  3. Sounds like an exhausting but exciting day. Any idea how us in the US can see your tv appearances on Viva? Are they web broadcast? Enjoy your leg day, mine if tomorrow! Who-hoo!

  4. Is Viva the W network just different name?

  5. I have read my last post and will miss you. I have been lifting 4 days a week religously and eating well(90%) of the time and the scale won't budge. I've toned up which makes me look a bit thinner but the numbers are the same. I have been hitting the weights hard for 8 months and started to get real with my diet 4 months ago and nothing. I'm going crazy. I'm sick of worring when to eat, how much, how a vegitarian is going to get enough protein with her carbs, has it been 3 hours, is it enough, is it too much???? I want to pull my hair out! I'm done. Hopefully, I will just except who I am and maintain my weight where it is. Thank you Tosca for trying.

  6. Pa1385, please don't give up. if i were you, i'd hold out a little longer. it's NOT just about the number on the scale. its about how you feel, how your clothes feel, how well your body is running. I've lost over 120lbs with clean balanced eating and weights and cardio. I (not to be braggy) look GREAT. but i'm not satisfied. i'm not the weight i want to be. but i can wear size 8's and 10's and i look darn good for having been so fat and now i'm 40 (i started losing the weight just a 5 years ago). i've had several email conversations with Tosca, and she always reminds me that we might not be as good as we could be with our food. take a step back, log your stuff...i'm a personal trainer now and if you are doing all this work and seeing NO results...something is not right. get your hormones checked. you don't say how old you are or if you are dramatically overweight or at a proper weight and wanting to get super cut like the oxygen mag girls. you HAVE to do cardio too. 5-7 days a week on top of your weights. tosca does cardio, and you don't mention it. weights are key in building muscles that burn fat, but you have to mobilze the fat to be burned and you do that with cardio! you can do this...Tosca is amazing and it's real. DON"T GIVE UP!

  7. Pa1385~ Please listen to Heidi...don't give up. At the very least listen to what she is saying or email Tosca directly. She's always listening and will perhaps guide you. That's why she does this to spread the word and help others. Believe me things could be worse. I suffer from a neurological movement condition and the total opposite of most, I can't put the weight on. I started when I was 39 and am 40 now, but that isn't stopping me. I can tell you that there are days you want to give up but you can't you are an inspiration to others remember that. Something isn't quite right I agree. You just have to figure it out. Talk to as many people as you can...including Tosca. You sound so desparate in your note, I think I speak to all of Tosca's bloggers... it is worriesome. DO NOT GIVE UP. There is a reason for everything that happens trust me. Tosca perhaps you could reach out to this person or vise versa. Remember life isn't always easy and if you truly want something, you will have it. Stay positive and do the work.
    All the best you, please continue to use the blogg as a source of help...I think Tosca would agree.

  8. Thanks Heidi and Marisa. I'm ok just tired of this consuming me and not getting anywhere. Heidi, Iam 42, 5'6 and a solid 180 pounds. I do force myself to do cardio, but probably not enough because I hate it. I'm an iron girl. I eat well for the most part. It seems that every 5th day or so I need something, a cookie, sugar free pudding, etc. Then I'am over it. It could be hormones. Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words. You both convinced me to not give up. I will figure this out.

  9. PA1385~ Glad to hear it!
    Keep up the good work. See your doctor, make sure medically you are fine. You are probably replacing fat with muscle which is more dense and heavy so don't rely on a scale, go by how you look and feel. Add more cardio and feel good about what your doing, sometimes a positive attitude is everything. We are all here to help each other.

  10. Pa1385- Please don't give up! You HAVE to do cardio to lose weight. Please ramp up your cardio and I KNOW you'll see great results. Keep up the great work with your training and eating plan.Good Luck! Coco

  11. Pa1385- Please don't give up! You HAVE to do cardio to lose weight. Please ramp up your cardio and I KNOW you'll see great results. Keep up the great work with your training and eating plan.Good Luck! Coco

  12. Pa1385-you CAN do it! stay strong, join a running group, train for a race. We are all behind you 100%
    now rock it girl!

  13. pa1385! yes! don't give up sister! you can email me too! I will do whatever i can to help you out! and listen to Tosca's post! we are NOT ALONE...we are in this together! take her challenge, be can do this! and we are all behind you!!!
    big HUGS! and thanks Marisa for the back up!!!;)

  14. Pa1385...we are state neighbors I'm in Ohio, but we could be twins by the sound of your story. I lost 66 pounds 6 yrs. ago and put 25 pounds back on. I started at 226 and got down to 160 size 10 almost an I am up to 185 size 14/16.....I wish I could go back in time and tell myself what a success I was/am. Don't wait until you've gained 25 lbs. to see that you are on the right path. THe road will be bumpy at times, but getting off the road and stopping the race all together is not going to get you to your goal. I know I would be at my goal right now if I didn't stop. But I have to look at the bright side, I have kept off 45 lbs for 6 yrs now.

    You can do this. Get up, dust yourself off, and start moving towards your goal again. You may have to slow down at times but never stop moving.

    Good luck, JEN

  15. Thanks Jen, I'm not giving up. I have perfect strangers believing in me so I will never give up. I will look for cracks in my diet. I keep hearing Robert Kennedy saying "small cracks sink big ships Lisa" if you read that article in Oxygen you will understand. So I am on my way to the gym now so thank you all for your support. It really means a lot.


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