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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday = Challenge Day 4


We're 4 days in...

How is everyone feeling so far?

I am feeling great. My daughter and I have been doing some excellent sight seeing here in Portland. It's very easy to Eat Clean in this city. There are tons of different grocery stores that are very organic friendly. I'm amazed at the ingredients I can find.

Yesterday we visited the Nike Employee Store. Special thanks to Robin Ferriman of Better TV who got us passes. This is an invite only or employee only store. Oregon is the birthplace of Nike. I got some great new fitness clothes at VERY recession-friendly prices. We also checked out a very cool street called NW 23rd. Cute boutiques and a great restaurant where I dined on a lovely Mahi Mahi Salad Nicoise. After that we visited hands down the best spa I have ever been to... The Dragontree. I had a facial and a scrub all in prep for the Arnold. These ladies knew exactly what they were doing and I am feeling like a million dollars. They used all natural, raw products, too. Such an earth-conscience place. My daughter has been treating me to lots of fun things here.

For those of you who live in the Pacific NW I will be appearing on AM Northwest tomorrow morning at 9am pacific time. I'll post the link later for those of you who aren't on this side of the country.

The air is fresh, the trees are blooming, and the snow is gone. What a nice break from Toronto.

More later.



  1. Hooray for feeling great, having fun, and for gorgeous weather!!

  2. Oooooo! You MUST get to Kittery, they have outlets galore!

  3. Sounds like you and your daughter are having a great time! Happy Sunday!

  4. I'd like to be able to follow you on Twitter. (
    That would be awesome!


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