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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Challenge Finale

We made it!!!

It's the end of the Arnold Challenge. For those of you who joined me and stuck it out for the last 2 weeks YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I hope you are feeling healthy and happy and ready to incorporate some more complex carbs back into your life.

For those of you who missed the Extra TV segment here is a link:

Arnold pics coming SOON.

Don't forget you can become my Facebook friend... lots of Clean Eaters have posted Arnold pics there, too.



  1. Hi Tosca,
    I was wondering how you can find out what percentage of body fat you have if you don't have a body fat scale? And what percentage is considered healthy?


  2. Hi Tosca, I watched the segment from ExtraTV and it would be very interesting to see if the 19 year old was still following your advice a year from now. Too bad we couldn't follow his progress... I think it would be a good learning for young folks.

    I've learned (from you) that Eating Clean is the only way to go... no more diets for me! This is my way of life.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  3. Hi Tosca,
    Thank you for all your advice and wonderful words of wisdom! I want to know what food or meal you crave or treat yourself to? What can I indulge in if I'm craving pasta, pizza, or schezuan (the crispy stuff with noodles or rice)?
    What meal would satisfy my craving for fat and starch especially around PMS-it's my worst week!
    Thank you!

  4. We're all very proud of you Tosca, keep smiling! Can't wait to see the Arnold pics!

  5. Hi Tosca,

    I have a question about rice noodles. I love Vietnamese Bun - I get the one that has the grilled shrimp (does have a lemongrass sauce on it - not sure what's in it) and it has rice noodles (I'm assuming white rice - but you mention rice noodles in one of your books as being ok). Then you pour a nauc man sauce over the top. I think it has vinegar, a few veggies, some peanuts, and spices. It may have a tad of sugar -but its not overly sweet.

    It is a very light dish and feels clean. Is this a good option to eat? It's my favorite at the vietnamese restaurant.

    Thanks - Melanie C

  6. Tosca,

    Thanks for sharing the Extra link. I couldn't find it on in my area and I was excited to see it!


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