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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Show Info

Here is some blog information:

I have an answer for the air date: we launch May 7/09!!!

Finally we know.

I have shoot dates for TV coming – another 5 sessions on the calendar.

I had a wonderful interview with Terry and Elaine Goodlad for today. We had only booked a half hour and we did a full hour. Very motivational and for anyone interested I shared many details that don’t have a place in a fitness magazine. It should be available here within the next couple of days.

As for the Arnold – I am not competing other than for your time! So come and see me so I can get a hug from you! I will be there with the RKP group... Clean Eating, Oxygen, MuscleMag, etc.

Made it safely to Vancouver, BC. I'm enjoying the lack of snow and above zero temps.

No pics just good vibes today.



  1. I'm glad your feeling good too Ive been ripping up some crossfit workouts to switch it up :)

    I will check out your vid in the a.m. pre gym to motivate me as usual...thanks for everyting.

  2. I'm so excited for your show! I am a huge fan of Elaine and think Terry is quite a gifted photographer. You're lucky you get to work with such great people! Enjoy Vancouver, it's a great city!

  3. Its so great to read your updates. I can't wait for your show! I work out at home and have a bench, free weights, resistance cables. I feel like I'm neglecting my back without doing lat pull downs and the seated row exercises. I'm not able to access a gym and feel like those two exercises are what gave me a strong back/v neck taper when I was able to get in the gym and worked out regularly a couple years ago. Can you suggest any exercises I can do at home that would be equal to those two exercises? thanks!

  4. HI Tosca,
    Great to hear about your show.
    Can't wait to see it!!


  5. Hey everyone make sure you help Tosca beat those jerks that are sullying her name in order to sell stupid weight loss gimmicks!

    If you go to a search engine and enter eat clean diet then you'll see a heading that says "The Eat Clean Diet Failed" -- this is not true, it's just some dishonest company trying to make money by destroying Tosca's good name.

    So search "eat clean diet" every day. If you see "The Eat Clean Diet Failed then click on it over and over and over again endlessly, all day long!

    That's the only way to stop these people and we need to do it to save Tosca's good name!

  6. I agree that the people using the "eat clean diet" in the tag to lure people to a dishonest site is terrible, but I don't understand how clicking on the link repeatedly will harm their efforts. Isn't there a better way to discredit there stupid site?

  7. Tosca, I can't wait for your show!!


  8. Hey there, Tosca!

    Great to hear about your show. I hope that it goes well for you.

    We are also celebrating above freezing temperatures for the next few days here in Michigan! I know that I have had it with the snow right now.

    Good luck with your show. Don't get too stressed out. Good vibes!!


  9. I know most people are looking to lose weight, but I guess I am a bit of an anomoly. I'm an ectomorph trying to bulk in an eat clean fashion so as to add some more muscle mass. I'd love any advice you could give. Also, on cooler #1 approx. how many calories and % from carb, protein, fat does it total? Thanks in advance!

  10. It costs the dishonest company money every time you click the link!

  11. If it's any help for Cynthia - I can't compare the exercies to gym machines since I only work out at home with out machines, but you can do Back Lat Pull Downs and Seated or Kneeling Back Rows with Bands and door attachments (such as SPRI). Tosca, be sure to let us know when or if we can see your show in the Good'ol USA. I'm hoping we'll at least be able to catch it on line. I 'm sure someday it will be on DVD, but who wants to wait! :)

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