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Monday, February 9, 2009

Back from A Busy Weekend

Hello Bloggers.

If you get a chance, check out a web radio interview I did today:

The last few days have been slightly insane. I flew out to Vancouver – host city of the 2010 Olympics – on Thursday to do a seminar for the vast numbers of creative souls who are building the Sea to Sky Highway. This is the highway that will lead from the Pacific Ocean where Vancouver is and on up to Whistler, the world-class ski resort. Kiewit and Sons, the company contracted to build the highway, has an initiative to impart wellness to their employees. The joy of it was that I worked with Executive Chef Daryle Ryo Nagata of the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel to create a healthy, Eating Clean menu. In fact I am so thrilled right now because he wants to incorporate some of my Eating Clean recipes in his menu at the hotel. How thrilling is that? I will keep you posted.

I then flew back home to Toronto, had a quick sleep and drove to Kingston and stepped on stage to address graduating students at Queen’s University, my alma mater. What a thrill that was for me! Here was my opportunity to give back to a school that had helped me so much! I along with Chris Cuthbert, play by play announcer for the NHL and now for the upcoming 2010 Olympics and Desmond Lee, a hot shot young Toronto lawyer, had the job of describing how our degrees from Queen’s helped us get where we are today. It was such a thrill!

Then it was on to celebrate my daughter Kiersten’s 21st birthday. We went to dinner at Olivea’s in Kingston and loved the yummy eats. We started with big fat olives and yes a fab glass of red wine too. Then we had grilled swordfish served with grapefruit salsa, brown rice and steamed veggies. We all enjoyed the time and the food. Dessert was tartufo and fruit. I had a latte with a delicious biscotti as my dessert treat. After dinner we relaxed and had an early night and finally a chance to sleep in!

The weekend was fabulous. Now back to reality!


Gotta train and eat now.



  1. Hi Tosca,

    Looks like everyone had a great time! I remember when my mom took me out to dinner for my 21st birthday a long time ago.

    Anyway, is it true that you will be putting out a book for men next? This would be perfect for the man in my life! We talk about nutrition a lot, and while his own eating habits are not the greatest, he knows that eating clean is the better way to go, so he is slowly trying to eat better.
    I tell him about what I read in Oxygen, including your columns, as well as your past books.

    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week!


  2. Hey Tosca~
    Enjoy this day and every you do!

  3. What a busy lady you have been! What did you end up buying for your daughter's birthday? Looks like you had a great weekend with your family. Have a great day!

  4. hi tosca
    I have the same issue with my husband he wants to try to eat clean but really don't like salads ,so what date is the new book for men coming out?
    by the way where did you get your scarf that your wearing at your daughters birthday?I love it!

  5. Faaabulous weekend!! And happy birthday to your daughter - I'll be turning 21 in just a few months!! :-)

  6. Ah Tosca! You have to keep your books coming! I love reading your books; I have read 3 so far, the latest being the Butt book. I really enjoy learning about all your knowledge on the subjects of clean eating/nutrition and fitness. I definately encourage you to continue writing books whenever an idea strikes you, it will be well worth it.

  7. Oh and Tosca can you give me a recipe for CLEAN banana bread? Thanks! :)

  8. I can't believe how busy you are, I don't know how you do it! I am truly amazed by you. I'm glad that you were able to have dinner with your daughter for her birthday. It looks like you had so much fun. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a Clean Valentine dessert? I was thinking about an angel food cake, but if there was some way to make a clean brownie, that would be super. Although I'm sure it's almost impossible. Take care of yourself and thanks so much for all that you do.


  9. Hi Tosca!

    I went to Queen's too this weekend and took my son out to celebrate his 22nd birthday! He goes to Queens and I wanted to see you put it was just for Alumni and students! That restaurant sounded awesome! I'll have to remember that. We went to Lonestar and had my son's favourite chicken fahitas. It was quite clean except I had beer with it! We walked around downtown too. Kinston has such a cool downtown. It was so mild Sat night.
    We had a great time with our son!
    Take care!

  10. Wow! You are a busy Gal!! I'm heading off to Vancouver next week for a few days. I find the time change exhausting!!


  11. Tosca,
    Love that scarf. You look adorable. Thanks again for beins such an inspiration to me!

  12. Tosca - sounds like a fabulous weekend!! I have a son turning 21 this Sunday, too! How exciting to get asked to speak to the current group of students at your alma mater!! If I might ask, what did you get your degree from Queens in? Also, congratulations on having your Eat-Clean recipes in such demand as to be put on the hotel menu!! Wow!!! That is da bomb!!! ~ Laura

  13. Happy belated! I turned 45 yesterday..long time since I was 21.

  14. Hi Tosca,
    I will be turning 40 this summer and I have been inspired by you since I started to eat clean in January. I learnt a lot from the interview you had last week-end, it's always nice to hear and see you! Thank you!

  15. Hi Tosca,
    Happy Birthday to your daughter! I am SO excited to tell you that I have been hesitant to do weight training but am now seeing why it is so important. I can't go to a gym but I found a really good program that I can start out with at home. I can't wait to see how it transforms my body and makes me stronger. I was just wondering how many days a week you do cardio and strength training? Thanks for all your motivation!

  16. Hi Tosca,

    I listened to your radio interview and I thought you did a great job. I have your book and I like that you are so open and informative about what you do. You help so many people!



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