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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday Was A LONG Day

Rough day yesterday. I got home from filming at 9pm!!!

Good thing I had my cooler with me because eating was definitely not a priority. The filming ran long and way over.

So the lesson is, carry a cooler cause you never know where your next meal is coming from!

My eats for today have been choppy at best but:

2/3 cup cooked oatmeal with flax and wheat germ
3 egg whites
500 ml water
Black coffee


Mid AM:
Handful green beans
3 egg whites
Handful unsalted almonds

5 ounces grilled chicken
Handful green beans
8 slices of cucumber

Mid Afternoon:
Protein shake

Dinner eaten in car on the way home:
Grilled chicken
Green beans

I was so wiped out when I got home last night!!! Phewf. I took a nice long hot bath and called it a night.

I didn't train yesterday because of my unexpectedly long filming day, but I will keep you posted.

To Answer A Few Questions:

- I stay away from whey protein specifically because I'm lactose intolerant and can't digest it. I do prefer to get my protein from true "food" sources. That being said, it is an excellent supplement to use when you are in a pinch or after a workout. Just be sure to find a CLEAN version. I use hemp protein powder when I have protein shakes (as I did today).

- I don't use wheat grass as a supplement for vegetables. I still incorporate quite a few veggies in my diet as you can see above.

- I will check into the photo issue... thank you for letting me know

- Before bed you can have add a little protein in there. Top your oats with a sprinkle of walnuts, or spread some almond butter on your apple. Keep the protein and complex carb balance going. Just keep your meals light and small before bed. Scrambled egg whites with tomato is a good option, too.

- Using moderate weight and high reps trains the endurance of the muscle (aka. how long can the muscle go). This is a great technique to build lean muscle definition.

- When I decided to start eating clean it was an all-or-nothing thing. I made the commitment and never looked back. My "snacky" foods are peanut butter and ice cream. I replaced them with healthier options (almond butter and yogurt) and reduced my portion sizes. If you're just getting started and your "snacky" for is chips, try exchanging them for a handful of nuts (equally as crunchy). If you MUST have the chips, don't deprive yourself of them, just consider it a treat for the week and move on.... of course, a treat means a handful or so... not the whole bag.

- Whole-wheat couscous is considered clean, however, it does not compare nutritionally to quinoa, which is packed with tons and tons of vitamins and minerals, as well as being high in protein.

- Christmas always equals chocolates, creams, butter, sugar, cookies, pies, cakes, etc. etc. I let my kids bake as much as they want, but make the commitment to myself to avoid it. I will make a berry-based dessert for myself leaving out all the sugary stuff. Try this option (there are a couple of berry-based desserts in my Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook), or allow yourself to have a few cookies as your treat over the holidays... just don't eat the whole plate.

- Cooler 1 is a meal plan found in The Eat-Clean Diet.

- The detox tea I drink is from Hockley Valley Herb & Tea Company. I get it from a store in Caledon East where she mixes a special brew for me. I am not sure what exactly is in it.

- I believe goat's milk is an excellent alternative to cow's milk, regardless of the fat content. If you're concerned, use it in moderation. Calcium is available in many foods other than milk (think, broccoli, quinoa, almonds, etc.).



  1. Hey Tosca! Thanks for the quick reply to the goats milk!! Very much appreciated. I'm so excited for your show to start, i can't wait!! Have a good day :)

  2. Thank you for the quick reply. It's so cool knowing that you personally respond to my questions. Thank you. You are quite the inspiration!

  3. Thank you, Tosca, for replying to my question about supplementing with whey. I've just started reading your blog, so forgive me if you'd already addressed that issue! I know nothing about your show. I'm going to have to do some reasearch! Thanks again!

  4. Hooray for hemp protein powder!!! That's all I use (since it's vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free), and I use it everyday :-)

    Hope your Thursday is less hectic!!

  5. Hey T!
    thanx for sharing your meals and workouts with us! You help me keep going on my jurney.....btw I am lactose intolerant as well..and ohh boyyy I was in troulbe before I learned about this little secret (if you know what I mean), but thankfully I have found goat's whey protein powder which does not bother me at all! I love my protein shakes now and usually have them once a day or twice the most!
    thnaks for listening
    szilvi g,ct

  6. Thanks Tosca for mentioning the Christmas treats. I have your cookbook and will be sure to make myself something berry based to stay on track.

    Is filming going to be done soon? I'm sure it's exhausting some times.
    The egg whites you pack in your own coolers, are they just boiled egg whites? And your green beans, they are fresh cooked green beans and you eat them cold?
    Your cooler choices fascinate me. I have never considered a cooler "out" until today. I had shopping to do and knew I wouldn't be home before my 2-3 hours of eating next was up so I packed 2 eggs with me. There I was, sitting at a traffic light eating my eggs. They were soooooooo good. LOL Thank you thank you thank you. Without you sharing your ideas, I wouldn't know where to begin. You rock!!!


  7. Thanks so much for journaling what you eat. It definitely helps me stay on track. I wanted to ask you about the magazing Clean Eating..I enjoy reading it and most of the recipes align with your thoughts on eating clean but I wanted to get your opinion. I just returned your cook book to the library and ordered my that and the magazine should give me plenty of things to try out if you give it a good reference :)

  8. Tosca if I want to develop my hamstrings more what do you suggest. Should I go ahead and work them out two times a week when I do glutes. I currently do one day of intense leg per week. My quads are well developed. Also, how often can or should a person do the two weeks of cooler if I want to do it again down the road. One more please. In your book you mentioned that over training develops stringy muscles. Do you mean they look stringy or are you saying that they feel stringy because my glutes (where my piraformas muscle is) have always had a ropey feel to them. Is that normal? What shoyld i do if it is not. As always thank you for your kindness in sharing.

  9. Ques for another blogger. What is the brand brand of goats whey that you use. Thanks

  10. Tosca how do you know if you are lactose intolerant? I definately feel more bloated when i consume milk and even whey I think. is that an indication?

  11. I saw in a previous post that you take rice bran oil - what is this for and where do you purchase this?

  12. Tosca,

    How do you know the protein shake that one uses is being absorbed or working for ones body type? Are there any signs?


  13. Answer to blogger: I use the only kind of goat whey I know:Oryx! I actually put the vanilla one into my oatmeal in the morning and use it for shakes as well. I really love it. u can find it in gnc stores in the us. let me know what do you think of this product
    szilvi g,ct

  14. I use goatein. It's great stuff!!

  15. Hey Tosca! Just wanted to let you know how appreciated & loved you are. I don't know you, but I speak of you often because even @ 28 you give me so much confidence & I try to pass that on to my 64 year old mother who got me started @ a "healthy" lifestyle as far as a activities & doesn't do it now. Thank you!

  16. when cutting out carbs prior to a competition do you cut "all" carbs out and strictly eat protein - tilapia? When is the ideal time to do this a few days prior to event or is one week too long?
    Do you eat veggies when carb depleting?

  17. Wowww it seems like you are getting more and more questions everyday; how exciting!

    Thanks for posting reply's on your blog to help eliminate the question coming up more than once. I apprecaite all the info Tosca; you amaze me !!

  18. Hi, Tosca:
    I saw your picture in the cover of Oxygen magazine and you look amazing. Congrats!!! You deserve it.
    I have a question for your book "The eating clean-diet Workout" you mentioned that is good to train each muscle twice a week but on the Oxygen website, I read that your work out was at that time, each muscle once a week. Which one is better if you like to be toned?
    Your response will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you and keep up the good work!:)

  19. Hi Tosca,
    Can you elaborate on 'stripping' and what benefit it has and if it should be done only by someone who is in an advanced stage of weight lifting or can an intermediate do it as well? Thx Me.

  20. I'm not an egg fan, but I can do Egg Beaters with salsa. Do you think that's a good option?

  21. Hi gorgeous, Hope your settling into a routine after training so hard. I was wondering if you can tell me where I can find Bison in Toronto. I live in the Yonge/401 area and cannot find it anywhere. Thanks Tosca!


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