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Monday, December 1, 2008

Look At That Snow...

It's a winter wonderland outside. Here are the shots of the snow I promised you. Isn't that beautiful? And treacherous for driving, too.

I spent some time yesterday doing some Christmas shopping for my kids and getting the house prepped for the holiday season. Here's a picture of my front hall with my favorite poinsettias. We usually put a tree in the front hall, but I am going to wait a few more weeks for that.

To answer a couple of questions from a few days back:

- I use calipers to measure my body fat percentage. They are the easiest and still quite accurate.

- Measurement wise my pants (jeans) are size 28 with a 32 inch inseam and my bra is a 36C. I usually wear small or medium tops depending how tightly they fit. Jackets are a medium. Dresses size 6 or 8. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 136 in the off season. I strive for about 12 to 13 per cent body fat when not on stage.l

- Sushi is definitely a part of Eating Clean when you can find brown rice versions. But tempura options are NOT considered clean since they are fried.

- Agave can definitely be replaced by honey, just be aware that the glycemic load is higher with honey and the consistency of your mix might be more viscous.

- When you click on the pics you should be able to click the back button on your web browser to take you back to the blog.

I received a couple of requests for off season nutrition.... so here's what I ate yesterday and this morning and my plan for the rest of the day:


Pre Breakfast: 500 ml water plus 6 ounces wheat grass and a multi-vitamin

2/3 cup cooked oatmeal plus 2 T each flax and wheat germ and 1/4 cup raspberries
4 hard boiled egg whites, one yolk
Black coffee

Mid Am:
Handful unsalted almonds plus 1 apple

My own version of Pad Thai from the Cookbook

Mid Pm:
4 egg whites
Handful goji berries

5 ounces grilled chicken
1/4 cup brown rice
Steamed green beans
Steamed broccoflower

Before bed:
Detox tea


250 ml water with wheat grass
250 ml water

AM Workout 1:
30 min run

2/3 cup cooked oatmeal with 2 T each wheat germ and flax and 1/4 cup
4 egg whites, no yolk
Coffee, black

AM Workout 2:

I will be out all day so I have to have a cooler handy. In my cooler for the day:
8 hard boiled eggs which I will eat 4 at a time
1 cup brown rice which I will eat 1/2 cup at a time
1 cup cooked green beans, which I will eat 1/2 cup at a time
1 cup cooked broccoflower, eaten 1/2 cup at a time
1 apple

Lunch is a green salad with a packet of water packed tuna and chopped
tomato. Dressed with pumpkin seed oil, cider vinegar and sunflower seeds.

This will get me through until about 3 o'clock.

We are going out for a Christmas party tonight so I will be ready for it by making sure to eat the crudités without dip. I will look for things like shrimp cocktail if it is available and any sort of hor d'ouevres that are not covered in a lot of stuff. Satay sticks are usually good. I will probably have a glass of celebratory red wine since this is the TV show party.

That is the day!



  1. Hi Tosca,
    In reviewing your diet, I don't see that you supplement with whey protein. Am I missing it, or do you have a reason why you do not? I thought it was a very important component in building muscle. Do you just rely on "real food" for your protein needs? Thanks!

  2. Tosca do you feel you are getting enough of your vegies b/c of the wheat grass. Seems like it is not enough.

  3. Tosca, we are so much alike i wish we lived near each other. but I will settle for being able to blog. I have to tell you once again that cooler one got rid of a significant amt of belly fat. i am very fit. Actually, are measurements and height are the same (unfortunatly only a B cup). I now have a 28 waist thanks to you and cooler one. I feel better about my body and look better at age 46 than ever before. I hope people will try your books they really do work. I promise i do not work for Tosca (although I'd love to). My degree is in Dietetics and I will tell you this way of eating is so perfect. One more tip I want to leave since I use to over train often. Something I once heard that keeps me focused on not doing that. "WHEN YOU TRAIN IT IS THE ARCHITECTURE, BUT WHEN YOU REST IT IS THE BUILDING". Hugs, SUE

  4. I apologize if you already covered this and I missed it in a previous blog, but what kind of detox tea do you use? I found one that I thought looked good, but it was way too harsh on my GI track.

  5. Hi Tosca

    I have finally decided to comment after faithfully following your blog from the start. I also look forward to and read your column in Oxygen - I see you as a role model especially as we are around the same age. My fitness goals are a little different to yours though i love weights. I'm a long distance runner, especially marathons. I also completed an Ironman triathlon when I was 43.

    Anyway I have bought all your Eat Clean books and am faithfully going through the recipes one by one. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease earlier this year so now have to avoid oats (was my fave food), wheat, rye and barley. However a lot of your recipes don't include these and others I am able to modify. And they are tasty!

    I am also interested in your off-season diet and exercise so thanks for including what you do.

    Please keep motivating women - you are inspiring.


  6. Hi Tosca... just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. I have been eating clean for just under 6 months now and as of this morning... I have reached my goal weight! Yea! I've lost a total of 32 pounds and feel great. I actually feel like I could lose 10 more pounds (or tone up!... but I am very happy. Eating Clean has changed my life. I am walking and playing softball... it is great! Thanks for the great books and magazine. I am SO happy that it is coming out 6 times a year now. =)


  7. Hi Tosca, also a faithful book owner of all your books and also Oxygen monthly, I just have to say how much you inspire women over 40. Eating clean has finally brought me peace after 33 years of dieting and wondering what I was doing wrong. I am your follower (not in a stalking and continue to watch for articles and books that are coming out. I just told my husband about the one for men coming out in the spring and he's interested :)
    Keep up the blogging, it's fascinating.


  8. As a comment back for Cathy (CJ) - I also have celiac disease. Gluten free oats can be found, although they are certainly harder to find than just "regular" oats. I can tell you must be outside of North America, so it may be even more difficult to find outside NA. But not impossible! I personally use Bob's Red Mill gluten-free oats. Yummy!

  9. Tosca, there is definitely an issue with getting back to your blog after clicking on one of your photos; this is what I do to solve it: DON'T use the back need to click on the little menu arrow between the back and forward buttons (this brings up your previous pages) and then click on the second one down on the list (ie there will be two Eat Clean Blog entries, but the first one is the photo being looked at, the second one is the blog) Hope this helps other readers.

  10. Hi Tosca,

    Thanks for posting your eats for the day. It really helps us figure out if we're doing it right! (So far so good! I'm down 6 pounds of fat in just two months!)
    Question: I know it's best to combine protein + complex carbs at each meal, so it is ok just to have an apple or your suggestion of 1/2 c oats total with unsweetened applesauce before bed?
    Thanks for all your help and inspiration!

  11. Hello Tosca,
    I have a question...with whatever routine I am doing that trainer is giving me moderate weight and high reps till I fatigue. Is he trying to building strength before building muscle which would be moderate to a little heavier weight with lower reps?
    Can you elaborate a little on this technique? Is this how you started?

  12. Hi Tosca,

    I so admire how disciplined you are. I am 40 years of age and I think about the same age you were when you took control of your eating and exercising. I know all of the things I "should" be doing but just cannot seem to commit myself for some reason. I always end up putting family before me and before you know it, I am off track again. Any suggestions how you started out? Also, any suggestions on making it easier to cut out the snacky foods like chips without feeling deprived?

    Thanks so much for your advise!

  13. I was just looking through your Eat Clean Diet grocery list and wondered if Couscous is considered a clean food? Is it similar to Quinoa?

  14. on day 4 of cooler 1!
    first day was tough as i was missing the almonds and nut butters, but wow- way less cravings!
    trying to do 2-3 weeks, pre-xmas cleanse!

  15. Hi Tosca. I am wondering what kinds of treats you have around this time of year? After learning to eat clean (thank you!) sugar has adverse effects in my body and I suffer if I have it. My son, who is almost 16, loves my baking but I truly don't want to bake this year? What can I do? Are there treats in your home at this time of year? What about traditions from years past which often includes the sugary, high fat food.... ?
    Thanks. You're my idol... lol

  16. get the eat clean diet book, basically: no fruit, no fats, tons of protein, veg, minimal carbs, tons of water!


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