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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Update

Here we sit in chilly Caledon awaiting a massive snow fall. Although I don’t mind the snow, traveling in it becomes difficult. My 17 year old, Kelsey is coming home for the holidays and was going to drive home from Belleville to Toronto tomorrow. I can’t, in good conscience, let her do that since she has only just earned her driver’s license and has exactly zero driving experience in the snow on a major highway – the 401 can be deadly! I shudder to think of that. I am encouraging her to take the train home and I will just pick her up in Toronto. Fingers crossed.

As for what is going on with me – the usual training, eating, writing and filming. It doesn’t sound like much but every day brings new challenges. I have found that as a result of narrowing my food options during the contest prep that I can’t eat with free abandon. My tummy reacts very quickly to just about everything. I have been babying myself with regards to food and I have been increasing my intake of probiotics. This seems to be helping a lot and slowly I am able to consume a greater variety of foods. But I have to say my body has totally reacted to coming off the contest training. For the first week I felt sooooo fat and jiggly although I know this is not so. It is a big mind game. The body drinks up water like mad after contest and you do kind of swell. I chatted with my friend Elaine Goodlad about this and she told me to relax. This is standard stuff for competitors. I’d love to hear your stories about your post contest state of mind and being too so send them in to me.

The biggest shock I had after contest though was the fact that I had not had a period for 2 years and then BAM! Hello! There it was again complete with zits and hormones and PMS. EXPLANATION PLEASE???? I just wasn’t prepared for that at all. I don’t know what this means going forward but plan to investigate further.

Training is my savior! I can’t miss a day or I get cranks. I think I really need the discipline of training to give my day a sense of order and structure. In short I like the punishment. What can I say?

As for food here are the deets:

Tosca’s standard breakfast porridge
Scrambled egg whites
1 liter of water
250 ml with 8 ounces wheat grass
6 fish oil capsules – everyone is sick here but me so I am upping these
6 ester C capsules – ditto

Mid morning: drinking Tulsi tea right now
3 egg whites
1 apple – I have missed apples let me tell you!

Steamed bok choy
Sweet potato
250 ml water
Tilapia 5 oz.

Mid pm
Plain yogurt with brown rice protein powder

Steamed broccoli
Steamed tilapia 5 oz.
½ sweet potato
½ cup steamed green beans
250 ml water


  1. Hi Tosca - those are interesting observations about post competition life...I can't imagine how much fun that would have been after TWO YEARS and then hello!
    Um I know you talk abit about "clear vision" in your ECD workout book and I'm wondering how to get more info about HOW to achieve the mental and emotional clarity around a healthy mind when it comes to the body/mind connection. I think the timing of this question is great considering your own comments about how you felt about your body's dramatic changes shortly after competing. Is it just a matter of talking with your friends and mentors for a pep talk? I find this to be the most challenging part of the diet/workout and mental attitude.

  2. Tosca, I believe so much in the mind body connection. I had so much pain several years ago when approaching 40. Including depression. I was always fit, and super positive on the outside. and yet this happened to me. My competitive, perfectionist attitude got me through it after seeking every alternative therapy. I finally thru away the crutches and new I was the only one that could heal myself permanently. The book that started this journey is my bible, "The Divided Mind" by John Sarno MD I bet regaining your period is due more to mental stress (which obviously causes physical stress). It is so liberating and empowering to be able to adjust and to actually control the happenings of your body. I believe that God made us to be our own pharmacies. We can heel ourselves very often. Just realize that we all have stress and we always will. Our minds often put that stress into physical forms to distract us from dealing with the stresses. The beauty is that we don't even have to know what those stresses are. We only have to be conscious of the fact that they are there, and pain or whatever will go away. However you can often figure most of these stresses out when you sit and journal about it on paper or in your mind. You are a positive person but you are also a perfectionist, Type A person like myself, which is the best candidate for being able to grasp this theory. So, use it to your advantage to help get yourself back into the state you should be in. I hope this is helpful to you. I am in such a good place now because I have this little secret and I love to share with all who will listen. God bless and take care. SUE

  3. "Training is my savior! I can’t miss a day or I get cranks. I think I really need the discipline of training to give my day a sense of order and structure. In short I like the punishment. "

    Since I began training, I feel the same way - I love the way it makes me feel!!

    Hang in there with the post-contest issues!! And good luck picking up your daughter (stay safe in the weather and on the roads)!!

  4. O.K. So we can all relate to the fat, jiggly feeling and the cranks. How about when you are having an absolute BAD HAIR DAY on top of it all. Beat that one, Tusca! :) LOL

  5. Tosca....I think so many people think fitness professionals such as yourself have the perfect life, the perfect body image and so forth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your feelings coming out of your contest. It just keeps you so real.
    I can't imagine your little "surprise" after 2 years. I'm guessing it's because you have low body fat that you haven't had one for so long?
    I'm sure your body is in a state of shock with the discipline you have had to put it to and now to relax.
    I smiled when you said you felt jiggly.... you sure don't look jiggly!!
    Take care on the roads Tosca..I'm hoping it stays down your way and doesn't come up to the Ottawa Valley!
    Keep on writing and're doing great!


  6. Tosca,
    All I can say is WOW!!....I just opened your Web site. You look incredible! Can't wait to recieve my copy of February Oxygen magazine.

    PLease be very careful on the 401 tomorrow.


  7. Hi Tosca - looks like peri-menopause!! You never know what might happen. They're saying this storm is going to be "snowmageddon" so take care if you're on the roads

  8. Hi, thanks again for another great blog. Regarding your "surprise"... not sure what yours is due to, but I've lost mine twice before (for a few months at time) due I think to low body fat and/or undereating. Isn't it really unhealthy - affecting fertility and acting as a kinda menopause that leaches calcium from your bones?. What in your/your husband's very knowledgeable opinion constitutes a healthy female body fat level. I obviously want to be as LEAN and DEFINED as possible without having to deal with the side effects of this problem. Many thanks Tosca - you look great as always! xo :)

  9. My wife is 56, looks 40ish,and has in the last 5yrs gained 15-20 lbs, mainly due to stess at her job. She is a beautiful woman even with the added weight. She does work out but the stess causes her to not eat the way she should. She does not feel good about herself because of the added weight. My question is, what can I do to encourage her the most?

  10. What is your favourit apple variety or which do you find is the best digested for clean eating?


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