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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party Moments

I had a great time on Friday night hosting a dinner party for a fabulous group of friends. We spent the evening enjoying delicious food and drinks.

My friend (and fellow Clean Eater) Joanne Lusted and her fantastic catering crew from Nella Cucina Toronto prepared a fantastically clean spread for us including a plethora of yummy apps, spinach salad with goat cheese and nuts, broth-based soup, and a choice of beef tenderloin or halibut with mashed chipotle sweet potatoes and a bunch of in-season roots veggies. Joanne and I chose a menu with in-season and locally available options. Joanne's clean, citrus cheesecake dessert (can you imagine!) topped off the evening perfectly with coffee and tea.

I really enjoy hosting dinner parties, but they can be stressful so I chose to keep the decor simple. After setting up the tree in the great room I set the table with festive red linens, sparkly chargers and warm candles.

My husband and I opened up my home to our closest friends. It was a late night, too! The party didn't close down until 1:30. Well, that's late for me considering I usually wind up in bed somewhere around 9 or 10pm.

Holiday parties can make maintaining your Clean-Eating habits more than difficult, unless you are the one choosing the menu. When I am attending a party that I know will not have clean food I do my best to fill up on clean foods all day before the party so I am not starving for food at the event. I will nibble on the cleanest food I can find at the party. Otherwise, I will make that meal my treat meal for the week.

As wonderful as the holidays are, they can also be difficult when high stress and little rest takes over. Keep your clean treats with you when you are on your shopping hunts, and limit your decadent splurges. Feeling good about yourself will make the holiday more enjoyable AND may help you focus on other resolutions other than weight loss when you ring in the New Year.


  1. So fun!! And thanks for the tips!!

  2. What a beautiful table setting. Very Festive. Glad you had fun, you deserve it!You look fabulous!

  3. 권투선수 에이미 [Amy]December 16, 2008 at 3:16 AM

    Hi Tosca!
    I just wanted to tell you that you look stunningly beautiful in your dress and surrounded by friends. Christmas is a hard occassion here in Korea with friends and family so far away but it was really nice to read how you are spending it. Thanks for the continual tips and positive attitude. All the best to you and your family for a beautiful, festive and memorable Christmas season.

  4. Merry Christmas Tosca. You look gorgeous.
    I love the artwork on your walls :) Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing such personal moments of your life with us fellow clean eaters.


  5. thanx for sharing your party pics... you look amazing!!!! and ohhh thank you for the tips... But ....I am on cooler #1 second week and don't think I can make my xmas party dinner as a "reward meal" (I call my cheat meals reward meals).. I guess I will just fill up on clean eats all day tomorrow.
    merry Christmas to you and your family
    szilvi g,ct

  6. I get so frustrated with food choices this time of the year - on top of eating clean, I am semi-vegitarian (only eating seafood), so I really appreciate the yummy menu ideas!

    Love the hanging lights :) Your table looks beautiful!

  7. Tosca,
    Thanks for allowing us into your home! Great festive pictures. You of course look amazing!! Your Tree is beautiful.


  8. Merry Christmas!
    This is OT but would you mind sharing a few favorite motivational workout tunes? I'm trying to build my workout music library. Thanks!


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